On The Night Of The Ball

On The Night Of The Ball is an anime episode of Revolutionary Girl Utena that was released on 04/16/1997
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Plot Summary

Utena talks with Anthy about her social life. She asks if Anthy has any friends. Anthy replies she has Chu-Chu. Utena insists that she make friends besides him.

The next day at school, the council meets and discusses Utena. They believe she is not receiving any letters from End of the World. Touga continues to watch her. He approaches her when she and Anthy walk onto campus. Touga asks if Utena has told anyone about the duels or the Rose Bride. She tells him no. Touga replies that he is glad. He runs his fingers through her hair, saying he would like to get to know her better. Utena smacks his hand away, ordering him to keep their relationship platonic. Touga says they should become friends for they share a common bond; he shows her his ring with the rose crest. Utena is shocked and wonders if he could be her prince.

Later, Wakaba sneaks up Utena and again jumps on her back. She sees Utena looking at Touga and teases her about him. She warns Utena that Touga is a playboy who has left countless broken hearts around campus. Utena decides Touga is most certainly not her prince. Wakaba asks who Utena's roommate is; Utena tells her it is Anthy. Wakaba urges her to be careful because Anthy has made several of the popular girls angry.

Anthy is cornered by three girls. The leader slaps her across the face and screams that Anthy ruined Saionji. A blonde girl, not part of the group, steps in; the three girls are intimidated and leave. She tells the girls if they have a problem they need to take it to the student council. She then introduces herself to Anthy as Nanami and tells Anthy she is one of the girls nominated to become dance queen at the school ball. She adds she has wanted to become Anthy's friend for a long time.

Anthy plays cards with Chu-Chu in the dorm that evening while Utena watches. Again, Utena brings up the subject of Anthy having no friends. The doorbell rings and a boy delivers two boxes. One is from the student council and contains a beautiful green dress for Anthy to wear to the ball. The second box is from Touga and contains a beautiful and elaborate dress for Utena. There is also an invitation to the ball along with a personal message card from Touga.

Utena declares the dress is frilly. She refuses to wear it much less attend the ball. Anthy then says she won't go to the ball if Utena will not. Utena protests, but Anthy says she doesn't like large crowds. Utena urges her to go, saying she must make more friends. Anthy simply says, "if you say so."

The next night both girls attend the ball wearing their new gowns. Everyone is surprised to see Utena wearing a dress. Nanami quickly drags Anthy away from Utena to the place where the dance queen nominees are supposed to be. She then leaves Anthy in the middle of a crowd. The three girls who cornered Anthy the other day comment that Anthy is wearing Nananmi's special dress. Nanami thinks to herself that she will now have revenge upon the girl who stole her brother Touga's attention away from her.

Nanami motions for a server to go up to Anthy and open a bottle of champagne. The server does so and champagne sprays all over Anthy and her dress. Meanwhile, Touga approaches Utena. He flirts with her and asks for a dance. Utena refuses. She hears Anthy scream and rushes to her. Anthy is crouched down on the floor holding up the remains of her dress which began to disintegrate when the champagne touched it.

Utena throws off her dress, revealing a boy's dress uniform underneath. She pulls a white cloth from a nearby cart and wraps it around Anthy, turning it into a beautiful dress. She extends her hand to Anthy and says "Let's dance." The girls dance together for the rest of the evening.

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