On the Moon

On the Moon is an anime episode of Space Brothers that was released on 12/07/2013

Mutta and Kenji have overcome their initial shock after hearing that only one of them will be chosen to go to the moon. Now that they're working together again, everything seems to be going right with their construction of their 1/3 model Moonbase. However their last addition, the lunar telescope might have to bite the dust.

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On the Moon

An antenna covered
An antenna covered

The special materials that Kenji requested have arrived, including some water-filled beach balls with 70cm diameter. When asked what the beach balls are for, Kenji explains that he ordered them to help speed things up with building their high power antenna. Initially they planned to build a high-power antenna and dish from metal, but Kenji realized that on the Moon there would be debris which could damage the metal. So it would be more realistic to have a cover for their antenna which would only let in radio waves, and keep out any debris. And since this is only a model, the beach ball can be used to represent the covered antenna, thus saving them the time of cutting and welding a bunch of metal together to make an dish.

Mutta and Kenji with their finished 1/3 charging stations
Mutta and Kenji with their finished 1/3 charging stations

Progress on building their 1/3 Moonbase underwater is tough, but is going much more smoothly now that Kenji has his head in the game and neither he or Mutta are worried about who will be selected to go to the Moon. Kenji keeps thinking of new ideas to increase efficiency, is always very quick at completing tasks, and Mutta is happy that they are on good terms again. While they work, vibrant sea life is passing by around them. The materials that Mutta has ordered to build the lunar telescope have arrived as well. Mutta and Kenji return to the Aquarius to assemble the smaller model charging stations, since it would be faster to assemble them inside the Aquarius. Kenji and Mutta work through their break together to complete the 6 model charging stations. Mutta tells Kenji that he is the best partner he could ever ask for. Kenji says he feels the same way about him.

That evening, Mutta receives a mail from Sharon. Sharon is grateful that Mutta is asking questions about her Lunar Telescope concept, and how Mutta is trying to implement the telescope in his training. But Sharon reveals that their plan was heavily criticized by the NASA committee, and will need to come up with a new proposal for any progress to be made. Mutta isn't sure what to think of this news.

Team meeting, what to do about the telescope?
Team meeting, what to do about the telescope?

Hamilton tries to conserve electricity by leaving lights off. Hamilton explains that even though there are 3 Aquarius habitats, they are still only supported by 1 life buoy. Their team holds a meeting that night. Progress on the Moonbase is going well thanks to various efficiency short cuts, they have some free time. However Mutta has not started working on the lunar telescope. Mutta explains that even though they have received the materials to build the model telescope (hexagon plates and aluminum foil), he feels it would be pointless to build it now that Sharon's proposal has been shot down, which Mutta used to modeled their telescope on. Instead Mutta hopes to use the time to build something else, using the same materials, but isn't sure what to build yet.

Team 2's finished model Moonbase
Team 2's finished model Moonbase

That night Mutta feels a little gloomy, but receives another mail from Sharon. Sharon says she was visited by Dr. Morrison and his colleagues, who are now working on a new proposal together. Sharon hasn't told Mutta why their earlier proposal was refused, since Sharon wants Mutta to enjoy and focus on his training right now. Mutta was a little worried that Sharon's illness might have worsened after their proposal was refused, but her letters always seem optimistic, which gives Mutta strength. Just then Mutta has a flash of inspiration with what he can build. A few days later they finish building their Moonbase, along with the other 2 teams. So after undergoing decompression and returning to the surface, Mutta and Kenji feel great to feel the wind again.

NASA deliberates
NASA deliberates

At NASA, Chief Butler and the other execs are deliberating about the NEEMO training results. From Team 1 they decide that Ben Hurt is the most ready and select him. Moving onto Team 2 (Mutta and Kenji's team) it is noted that they came up with a lot of time-saving ideas, and unlike the other two teams, they modeled their Moonbase after an existing design instead of starting from scratch. This allowed them to come up with other positive additions. The most impressive addition was their last one proposed by Mutta. Mutta's proposal was enough to show that undoubtedly "out of all the astronauts living 20m below sea level for the past 2 weeks, Nanba Mutta was the one person who truly seemed to be on the Moon."

Points of Interest

  • In the anime (which begins in 2025) there are 3 Aquarius underwater habitats. As of 2013 there is still only 1 Aquarius.

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