On and On

On and On is an anime episode of eX-Driver that was released on 07/25/2000

Following the events of the previous episode, Lisa is complaining loudly to the Chief of Operations how Soichi shouldn't be allowed to drive and how this is a sign that she is trying to be replaced. The Chief doesn't pay her any mind as she storms out of the room. Lorna tries to go after her but the Chief insists that Lisa needs to sort these ego issues out on her own. As Lisa fumes around the racetrack, she noticed Soichi driving one of the test cars and demands that her mechanic let her drive her car around the track to one up Soichi. The two go back and forth, overtaking one another, until Lisa's car spins out into a ditch as Soichi crosses the finish line on the track. Lisa chalks up her loss to the fact that her car was not suitable to drive as Soichi points out that she doesn't listen and care for her car. She storms off, thinking he is talking nonsense as the mechanic on the track backs up his point of view. 
At school the next day, Lisa is utterly shocked to find out that the class has an exam the next day that she feels is unfair since they were not properly informed. She quiets down when the class tells her that the exam was announced the last week and that she did not listen at all. Lisa vows to spend all night studying in Lorna's room, much to Lorna's chargin. Lisa attempts to blast loud music as a way to help her study as Lorna gets herself a drink and one for Lisa as well. She notices a light on in the garage and goes to see Soichi doing maintence to his car as Lorna offers him the drink and chats with him. He complains about Lisa's brash behavior but Lorna defends her by saying that Lisa is a person who gives it her all. Despite the nice comments, Lorna returns to find Lisa asleep at the desk. 
The next morning before the three can go to school, a call is sent out for a malfunctioning van. The three pursue it as Lorna analyzes the situation with Lisa. It turns out that the van that has gon haywire is the same van that has the exams in it. Lorna and Soichi deliberate how to stop the van as Lisa questions whether or not to save the van since she still isn't prepared for the exam. Lisa finally decides to assist in stopping the van but still feels as if she needs to one-up Soichi. Lorna and Soichi both tell her that she needs to be one with her car after listening to her complain about how the car isn't responding to her commands. After relaxing at the wheel a bit, Lisa is surprised to find out she can pilot her car with even more precision and on the same ability level as Soichi. After a good amount of chasing, Lisa eventually gives in to help stop the van and save the man inside. In an odd twist of irony, they stop the van right in the school's parking lot. The end  of the episode has some of the classmates asking Lorna why they couldn't let the van go on for a little while longer or crash into the ocean as Lisa has her own mental breakdown since she doesn't know any of the material.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Miki Nagasawa ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
Lia Sargent ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (English)
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Joshua Seth ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (English)
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Kosuke Fujishima Original Concept
Jun Kawagoe Director
Takeshi Takakura Mech Designer
Hikaru Nanase Music
Shunji Murata Designer


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