On A Paper Crane

On A Paper Crane is an anime movie in the On a Paper Crane Franchise
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Modern Japanese schoolgirl Tomoko visits the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, where she has to write a report as part of a school assignment. The twelve-year-old finds the museum's story so shocking that she has to leave, going into the nearby Peace Memorial Park, where children are playing happily. She meets a girl her own age, but when Sadako tells her story, Tomoko realizes she is a ghost. When she was two years old, Sadako Sasaki was exposed to radiation in the bombing of Hiroshima, and she contracted leukemia at the age of six. She folded a paper crane every day in the hope that it would help her recover, but the girl died before reaching her teens. Tomoko comes to understand that the bombings affected far more people than those who were killed and injured at the time, then she wakes up and sees the statue of Sadako. A short film shown on a double bill with Kayoko's Diary and sharing much of its crew along with director Arihara, this Hiroshima anime in the spirit of Barefoot Gen dwells on the long-term effects of radiation poisoning in the fashion of Beneath the Black Rain. The first part gives what is almost an animated tour of the museum and the last half is devoted to Sadako's flashback autobiography. The animation was inspired by the efforts of Miho Cibot-Shimma, a Japanese woman living in France, who decided to spread the word about the evils of nuclear war after seeing children in her adopted homeland playing "atomic war games." Her Japanese friends started raising funds to make OAPC in 1989. Given very limited exposure in the U.S. through subtitled screenings at film festivals.

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General Information Edit
Name: On A Paper Crane
Release Date: Jan. 1, 1993
Romaji: Tsuru ni Notte
Release Date:
Rating: None
Runtime: 30 (mins)
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Aliases Riding a Crane
On a Paper Crane: Tomoko's Adventure
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