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 Omamori Himari Vol.1 JPN cover
 Omamori Himari Vol.1 JPN cover
Omamori Himair is supernatural, romantic comedy series manga written and illustrated by Milan Matra. The first chapter was published in Monthly Dragon Age on May 2006 . The title おまもりひまり (OmaHima) was translated from Japaneses into "Protective Charm Himari, Omamori Himari"

  • Fujimi Shobo (Japan)
  • Yen Press (North America)




Yuto Amakawa

(天河 優人, Amakawa Yūto)
Main page: Yuto Amakawa
The solo living descendant of the Amakawa Clan, both of his parents died from a car crash seven years ago.
 Yuto Amakawa
 Yuto Amakawa

Himari Noihara

( 野井原 緋鞠, Noihara Himari)
Main page: Himari
A shapeshifing white cat demon who served the Amakawa Family for many generation. Himari Noihara is Yuto's bodyguard who protect him from any ayakashi that dangers him.
 Himari Noihara
 Himari Noihara

Rinko Kuzaki

(九崎 凛子, Kuzaki Rinko)
Main page: Rinko Kuzaki
Yuto's tomboyish childhood friend, Rinko is has very close friendship with Yuto.
 Rinko Kuzaki
 Rinko Kuzaki


Main page: Shizuku
A mizuchi water demon, Shizuku was briefly appeared in chapter 3 and later introduced in chapter 5.

Lizlet L. Chelsie

(リズリット・L・チェルシー, Rizuritto Eru Cherushī)
Main page: Lizlet L. Chelsie 
A tsukumogami who came to life after hundred years, Lizlet or Liz is a waitress who works at a popular tea cafe.
 Lizlet L. Chelsie
 Lizlet L. Chelsie

Kuesu Jinguji

(神宮寺 くえす, Jingūji Kuesu
Main page: Kuesu Jinguji
The heiress of the Jinguji Family, Kuesu is a Demon Slayer who uses western dark magic. She is Yuto's fiancee.
 Kuesu Jinguji
 Kuesu Jinguji
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English Name Omamori Himari
Japanese Name:
Publisher Yen Press
Start Year 2006
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