Omamori Himari Characters

Omamori Himari is an anime series in the Omamori Himari franchise
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A Hinoenma/Succubus that tried to kill Yuto Amakawa.


Himari Noihara is a white cat demon who protects Yuto in any danger.


Lizlet L. Chelsie

Lizlet is a Tsukumogami, antique teacup that transform into a human. She works at a tea cafe as a waitress

Rinko Kuzaki

Rinko Kuzaki is a long time friend of Yuto.

Sae Kisaragi

Sea is the teacher of Yuto and Rinko


Shizuku is a main character in Omamori Himari.

Taizou Masaki

Taizou is a friend of Yuto

Yuto Amakawa

Yuto Amakawa is a main protagonist in Omamori Himari, he is the last descendant of the Amakawa Clan.

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