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Akihiro Ohji

Akihiro Ohji is a second year high school student. The school's "Prince of Tennis". He tried to leave the Tennis Club due to an injury.

Alice Kiriki

A member of the Otogi Bank, and Liszt Kiriki's cousin. She is in charge of the record keeping and and day-to-day activities.

Ami Jizou

Ami Jizou is a shy and aloof student of Otogi Academy. She fell in love with Jin Hanasaki after an act of kindness.

Ami Kawashima

Toradora's Two-Faced Model

Chutaro Nezumi

Chutaro Nezumi is the young master of the Nezumi Family that hired the Otogi Bank to help him find a bride due to family tradition.

Elizabeth and Francoise

Elizabeth and Francoise are the loyal hunting dogs of Ryoshi Morino. Though they normally don't like people. They seem to like Ryoko.


Futaba is one of the seven siblings of Himeno Shirayuki. Always in red.


Gretel is the secretary of the Otogi Academy Student Council, and very close to her brother, Hansel.


Hansel is the president of the Otogi Academy Student Council, and very close to his sister, Gretel.


Harmel is the butler of Chutaro Nezumi. He assisted in helping Chuzaro in his search for a bride, but was highly critical.

Himeno Shirayuki

Himeno Shirayuki is the half sister of Ringo Akai, and looks after her seven other younger siblings. She took first place in the Miss Otogi Contest.


Inuzuka is a member of Momoko Kibitsu's entourage.

Jin Hanasaki

Jin Hanasaki is a second year student at Otogi Academy, ace of the school's baseball team.

Kakari Haibara

Kakari Haibara was a former member of the Tennis Club. She sought out the Otogi Bank to prevent Akihiro Ohji from quitting, as well.

Kazari Uiharu

A student at Sakugawa Middle School and member of Judgement.


Kazuya is one of the seven siblings of Himeno Shirayuki. Always in yellow.


Kijino is a member of Momoko Kibitsu's entourage.


Kumada is the owner and trainer of the Boxing Gym Bear. Gets mad if you don't call him "Boss"(oyassan).

Kuroko Shirai

A level 4 psychic, and a member of Judgment. Her ability is the eser is to teleport, but she can only teleport people or objects that weigh around 130-137 kilograms. She also has a crush on Misaka who she calls "Onee-sama".

Liszt Kiriki

The president of the Otogi Bank. He is a skillful cross-dresser that uses his skills for information gathering.

Machiko Himura

Machiko Himura is girls who comes from a very poor family. She tried to marry Ryoshi thinking he was rich and could get her out her serious debt.

Mahiru Shiratori

Mahiru Shiratori is a mysterious girl who goes to Otogi Academy.

Majolica le Fay

Majolica le Fay is the mad scientist of the Otogi Bank.

Mei Uozumi

Mei Uozumi is a student of Otogi Acedemy. She took third place in the Miss Otogi Contest.

Mikoto Misaka

Mikoto Misaka is an electromaster esper of Academy City. Her powers are ranked Level 5, and she is considered the third strongest in the city.

Mimi Usami

A former classmate and sometimes rival of Otohime Ryuuguu. She has a following among the school's loli-fans.

Minori Kushieda

Cheerful spunky girl but a bit of a airhead. Ryuji Takasu has a crush on her.

Momoko Kibitsu

Momoko Kibitsu is the not-so-moral member of the Otogi Academy Morals Committee. She took second place in the Miss Otogi Contest.

Mystery Beautiful Girl

The Mystery Beautiful Girl was the previous winner of Miss Otogi Academy Contest. She is actually Liszt Kiriki in disguise.


Nanako is one of the seven siblings of Himeno Shirayuki. Always in green.

Narrator (Okami-san)

Narrator (Okami-san) for the Okami-san anime series. Her criticisms of the characters sometimes cause them to break the fourth wall and glare at the camera.

Onigashima Boss

Onigashima Boss is the leader of the gang of delinquents from Onigashima High School.

Otohime Ryūgū

A member of the Otogi Bank. She is passionately in love with Tarō Urashima.

Otsuu Tsurugaya

Otsuu Tsurugaya is the maid of Otogi Bank. She has a fetish returning favors.

Ranpu Aragami

Ranpu Aragami is the head of Otogi Academy, and a high ranking member of the Aragami Zaibutsu. He created the Otogi Bank.

Reiko Kokonoh

Reiko Kokonoh is a student of Onigashima High School and assistant to Shirō Hitsujikai.

Ringo Akai

A member of the Otogi Bank, and Ryouko's roomate. She dresses Little Red Riding Hood.

Ringo's Mother

Ringo's Mother is the mother of Ringo Akai. She was originally raising Ringo alone, but remarried.


Rokuro is one of the seven siblings of Himeno Shirayuki. Always in blue.

Ruiko Saten

A student attending Sakugawa Middle School. She does not have an esper ability. Best friends with Kazari Uiharu.

Ryoko Okami

The main character of Ōkami-san. She fights with a pair of cat-shaped gauntlets dubbed the "Neko Neko Knuckles".

Ryōshi Morino

A high school student who confesses to Ryouko Ookami, and ends up joining the Otogi Bank. He has a phobia of being seen.

Saburō Nekomiya

Saburō Nekomiya is a third year student of Otogi Academy. He was saved years ago by a girl, but was so ashamed he ran away that he trained himself into a skilled fighter. He passed some of his knowledge along to Ryoshi Morino.


Santa is one of the seven siblings of Himeno Shirayuki. Always in green.


Saruwatari is a member of Momoko Kibitsu's entourage.


Sato is a young girl that was threatened into creating a trap for Ryoko Okami by the Onigashima Boss.


Satsuki is one of the seven siblings of Himeno Shirayuki. Always in purple.

Shirō Hitsujikai

Shirō Hitsujikai is the student council president of Onigashima High School and a character from Ryoko Okami's past.

Suzume Shitagiri

Suzume Shitagiri is the cheerful and energetic emcee of Otogi Academy.

Taiga Aisaka

One of the main characters of Toradora. Self proclaimed master of Ryūji Takasu.

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