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Okami-san and her Seven Companions is based upon a series of light-novels, Ryoko Okami and her roommate Ringo Akai are part of the school club called the Otogi Bank. The club helps students out with problems in return for a favor at a later date.



The anime series Okamisan (shortened from "Okamisan and Her Seven Companions" for the US release), is the original creation of the light-novel writer Masashi Okita. The original character designs were drawn by Unaji. It is a romantic comedy series that parodies various fairy-tales from both Japanese and Western literature, but put in a modern day setting.

It's a love-comedy themed series. The first episode aired on July 2, 2010, it had twelve episodes, and the finale was aired on September 17 2010. The rating in the US was given at TV-14. Okamisan was the original production of J.C. Staff. The U.S. distribution company FUNimation Entertainment started streaming the Okamisan series on their website every Wednesday at noon, starting on August 4, 2010.

The anime was directed Yoshiaki Iwasaki, The music for the series was composed by Megumi Oohashi . Though much of the main cast was designed by Unaji, Haruko Iizuka worked on the character art/design work for the anime.

Characters will at times will interact with the narrator in a practice that is often called Breaking the 4th Wall. In this act a character my consciously react to something the narrator has said that might be mocking. The amount of fanservice is a bit heavy in the first few episodes, but reduces greatly as the series runs on. The character that is the subject of most of the fanservice is a reoccurring character named Momoko Kibitsu. She is a busty girl who's breasts seem to bounce in such a way to defy gravity. This is a practice that is commonly known among the anime community as the Gainax Bounce.


Ryoko, Ringo, & Ryoshi
Ryoko, Ringo, & Ryoshi

Long, long ago... well, not that long ago, in a land far, far away. The basic premise of the story of Okamisan follows a young girl named Ryoko Okami as a member of the special group called Otogi Academy Mutual Student Aid Association, the Otogi Bank for short. One day after one of her regular missions with her best friend, Ringo Akai; a voice from nowhere confesses love for her. The mysterious pursuer is a student from Ryoko's class, Ryoshi Morino. The oddest thing about this boy is that hew suffers from opthalmophobia, a fear of being stared at. Though his first attempt at a confession doesn't go over well. Ryoshi takes the offer to join the Otogi Bank in order to show his strengths and be the one who will protect Ryoko.

All's well that ends well.


Though many animes are set in various cities over Japan, either real or fictional. Okmaisan is set in a fictional world based on fairy-tale locations that has similar culture to modern day Japan and similar in technologies.

Otogibana City

Otogibana City
Otogibana City

Otogibana City (御伽ばな市, otogibana-shi) is the main setting for much of the Okamisan anime series. It's a fairy-tale world that is not a location on Earth. It is the home of the majority of characters. Though other cities are implied to exist in this world, but none are ever named other that the rival school of Onigashima High School. The name comes from the Japanese word for fairy-tale that is 御伽噺 (otogibanashi). The character for 市(shi) is a suffix added to names in Japan that means "city". Essentially, the Okamisan anime takes place in a "fairy-tale world".

Otogi Academy

Otogi Academy
Otogi Academy

The Otogi Academy (御伽学園, otogi gakuen) is the main school of Otogibana City. The principle is Ranpu Aragami who is the head of the Aragami Group. He was the one who created the Otogi Bank group and gave them the special space to use for their club that has a secret base under the school. The school as seen as an important commodity to the adults of Otogibana City.

The club house of the Otogi Bank is also called the Otogi Bank (御伽銀行, otogi ginkou), It may appear to be a simple and rundown little club house in a shadowy area of Otogi Academy. Deeper in the kitchen area is a secret door that leads down under the school, and it the home base for the Otogi Bank group. This location is kept a secret from everyone other than the members of Otogi Bank. There is the main office for business, and where Majolica le Fay has her special lab where she creates all the special tools the Otogi Bank needs.

Onigashima High School

Onigashima High School
Onigashima High School

Onigashima High School (鬼ヶ島高等学校, onigashima koutougakkou) is the rival school of Otogi Academy. The entire student body is made up of delinquents and gang members. They serve the purpose of keeping the people of Otogibana City from ever being too relaxed in their fairy-tale world. The latest student body president is Shirō Hitsujikai. He appears to have some past with Ryoko Okami and seems to relish tormenting her and those around her. The location and distance of Onigashma High School is never shown in relation to Otogibana City. It serves as the home of the demons often seen in numerous fairy-tales. In fact, the word oni means demon in Japanese. Even the name of the school comes from a mythological island of demons in Japan folklore called Oniga-shima(鬼ヶ島, oniga-shima). The character for island is 島(shima).


The source of the stories of Okamisan comes from various stories and fairy-tales from around the world. At times a character's name is lifted right from the story, a name may be similar to the literary characters, or their times the kanji in the name will be the same but using a different meaning. A list of the various fairy-tales covered in the series are:

  • Little Red Riding Hood
  • The Ant and the Grasshopper
  • The Tale of Urashima Tarō
  • The Crane Maiden (Tsuru no Ongaeshi)
  • Legend of King Arthur
  • Aladdin
  • The Tortoise and the Hare
  • Momotarō
  • Cinderella
  • Kasajizō
  • Snow White
  • Puss in Boots
  • The Little Match Girl
  • Snow Woman (Yuki-onna)
  • The Boy Who Cried Wolf
  • Nine-tailed Fox
  • Goldilocks and the Three Bears
  • Three Little Pigs


Otogi Bank
Otogi Bank

The Otogi Bank is a special club that was formed by the Otogi Academy principle, Ranpu Aragami. The mission of the Otogi Bank is to take on the requests of any student of Otogi Academy that they may make, but the cost of lending their power is that the person requesting a favor must pay back that debt by using their own power at the time of the Otogi Bank's choosing, even if force is required. This may seem shady, but no real request is denied.

Sometimes the missions of the Otogi Bank require violence be used. In that case, they have two strong fighters in Royko Okami and Taro Urashima. More often, the missions requests the Otogi Bank gets are more mundane matters, such as help with personal situations and school life.

Otogi Bank Members

Ryoko Okami

Ryoko Okami
Ryoko Okami
Ryoko Okami (大神 涼子, ōkami ryōko) is one of the members of the Otogi Bank. She is the main protagonist of the series. Her past is a mystery, but a secret from a few years ago seems to be the major motivation of her to train and become stronger. Her tsundere tough-girl act is just to cover her girlish personality and desire to be protected.

Her weapon of choice are the Kitty Knuckles that were created for her by Majolica Le Fay.

Origin Story: "Little Red Riding Hood" (wolf)

Ryoshi Morino

Ryoshi Morino
Ryoshi Morino
Ryoshi Morino (森野 亮士, morino ryōshi) is the latest member of the Otogi Bank. He moved to Otogibana City from the more rural Yomaoka. He suffers from the fear called opthalmophobia. This means he has an intense fear of being stared at. He fell in love with Ryoko Okami by watching her from a distance. Despite her tough exterior, Ryoshi could tell that deep down she is scared and trying to will herself stronger. For this reason he wants to become stronger so he can be the one she can trust to protect her.

Ryoshi's weapon of choice is a wrist-mounted slingshot that he uses metal pachinko balls as projectiles.

Origin Story: "Little Red Riding Hood" (hunter)

Ringo Akai

Ringo Akai
Ringo Akai
Ringo Akai (赤井 林檎, akai ringo) is a member of Otogi Bank and Ryoko Okami's partner, best friend, and room mate. She is a small loli of a girl that is quite skilled in manipulation through her youthful charm. She takes great joy is trying to guide Ryoko to see the positive sides of Ryoshi, but also can't help but tease her as well. Ringo is the first person that Ryoko shared her secret past with.

Origin Story: "Little Red Riding Hood" (Red Riding Hood)

Liszt Kiriki

Liszt Kiriki
Liszt Kiriki
Liszt Kiriki (桐木 リスト, kiriki risuto) is the president in charge of the Otogi Bank's regular duties and reports to Ranpu Aragami. Though he never seems to do any work, he always seems to have a hand in the outcome of many of the successes of the Otogi Bank. He is the one who approves many of the missions they accept.

Liszt is a master of disguise and takes an odd pleasure in cross-dressing. Skilled enough to of one the Miss Otogi Contest as the Mystery Beautiful Girl. He normally fights with a taser.

Origin Story: "The Ant and the Grasshopper" (grasshopper)

Alice Kiriki

Alice Kiriki
Alice Kiriki
Alice Kiriki (桐木 アリス, kiriki arisu) is the secretary of the Otogi Bank and the cousin of Liszt Kirirki. She is a serious and hard working member. Often doing to needed research needed for missions, and she she keeps the books organized of the debts owned to the Otogi Bank. Alice is frequently irritated by how easily Liszt calls in debts.

Alice is a rather indirect fighter and spends most of her time warding off attackers with a small can of mace.

Origin Story: "The Ant and the Grasshopper" (ant)

Taro Urashima

Taro Urashima
Taro Urashima
Taro Urashima (浦島 太郎, urashima tarō) is a member of the Otogi Bank and one of their main fighters. He's a very handsome man that can't stop himself from flirting with all women of beauty, but that doesn't sit too well with Otohime Ryugu. He has really no interest at all in men.

When Otohime catches him flirting with other women. She will drag him away to do "something", and when they emerge. Taro is a complete gentleman.

Origin Story: "The Tale of Urashima Taro" (Taro Urashima)

Otohime Ryugu

Otohime Ryugu
Otohime Ryugu
Otohime Ryugu (竜宮 乙姫, ryūgū otohime) is a member of the Otogi Bank and spends most of her time clinging to Taro Urashima. She's deeply in love with him since they were younger. As a child she was fat and being bullied. Only Taro was kind to her and could see her beauty.

What she does with Taro after she drags him away to a private room is never shown and left up to the imagination of the viewing audience.

Origin Story: "The Tale of Urashima Taro" (Princess Otohime)

Otsuu Tsurugaya

Otsuu Tsurugaya
Otsuu Tsurugaya
Otsuu Tsurugaya (鶴ヶ谷 おつう, tsurugaya otsū) is a maid of the Otogi Bank and takes her duties very seriously. She is a member who has a deep obsession to return any favor given to her, no matter how minor. She also greatly enjoys helping others repay a debt. This is because of a favor given to her in the past that she can never repay.

Otsuu isn't much of a fighter at all, and she's sometimes the victim of Majolica le Fay's teasing.

Origin Story: "The Crane Maiden (Tsuru no Ongaeshi)" (Otsuu)

Majolica le Fay

Majolica le Fay
Majolica le Fay
Majolica le Fay (マジョーリカ・ル・フェイ, majōrika ru fei) is the scientist of the Otogi Bank. Her nickname is "Majo". If anything needs to be built. She's the one that makes it. She is the creator of the Kitty Knuckles. She's a mischievous girl that loves playing pranks and testing out her gadgets for the fun of it. Nothing is really known about her past.

Majo isn't a fighter at all, but does make the weapons of the Otogi Bank. She does loves candy.

Origin Story: (Morgan le Fay / Fairy-Godmother)

Theme Songs

Opening Theme

"Ready Go!"

Lyrics by Yukino Nakajima

Composed by Akimitsu Honma

Performed by May'n

Ending Theme

"Careful Akazukin-chan " (赤頭巾ちゃん御用心 / Akazukin-chan Goyoujin)

Lyrics by Masami Sugiyama

Performed by OToGi8

Cast & Voice Actors

Otogi Bank

Ryōko ŌkamiShizuka Ito
Ringo AkaiKanae Ito
Ryōshi MorinoMiyu Irino
Liszt KirikiHirofumi Nojima
Alice KirikiYui Horie
Tarō UrashimaShintaro Asanuma
Otohime RyūgūAki Toyosaki
Otsuu TsurugayaAyako Kawasumi
Majolica le FayKimiko Koyama

Onigashima High

Shirō HitsujikaiJunichi Suwabe
Reiko KokonohMai Nakahara
BossKenta Miyake

Supporting Characters

NarratorSatomi Arai
Ranpu AragamiAtsushi Ono
Momoko KibitsuYuko Kaida
Himeno ShirayukiYukari Fukui
Suzume ShitagiriSayuri Yahagi
Mimi UsamiRie Kugimiya
Ami JizouMikako Takahashi
Jin HanasakiTarô Yamaguchi
Machiko HimuraSatomi Satou
Saburō NekomiyaYuki Kaji
InuzukaYoshitsugu Matsuoka
SaruwatariNobuaki Kanemitsu
KijinoTsuyoshi Aoki
HanselNobuhiko Okamoto
GretelYuka Iguchi
Kakari HaibaraSaori Hayami
Akihiro OhjiKenji Akabane
SatoYuiko Tatsumi
Mystery Beautiful GirlSatomi Satou
Chutaro NezumiMinako Kotobuki
HarmelYutaka Aoyama
UikaJuri Aikawa
Yukime MuranoHitomi Nabatame
Wakato MuranoShunzou Miyasaka
Ringo's MotherRyoko Ono
OyassanBinbin Takaoka

Produced by J.C.Staff

Licensed by FUNimation

Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Jin Aketagawa
Yoshiaki Iwasaki
Haruko Iizuka
Megumi Oohashi
Kenichi Matsuzawa
Tomoyuki Kawamura
Yutaka Hirata
Masashi Okita
Colleen Clinkenbeard

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Original US Poster Art

General Information Edit
Name Okamisan
Name: オオカミさんと七人の仲間たち
Romaji: Ōkami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi
Publisher J.C. Staff
Start Year 2010
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Okami-san and her Seven Companions
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