Okami-san Gets Caught in the Fight between the Tortoise and the Hare

Okami-san Gets Caught in the Fight between the Tortoise and the Hare is an anime episode of Okamisan that was released on 07/15/2010

Okamisan Ep. 3

Okami-san Gets Caught in the Fight between the Tortoise and the Hare - おおかみさんうさぎとかめの醜い争いに巻き込まれる (Ōkami-san Usagi to Kame no Minikui Arasoi ni Makikomareru)

The Tortoise matches with the Hare to see who is the best for Taro. Not in a race, but in the Miss Otogi Pageant. To win, Usami will play dirty, but Otohime will call on her friends at the Otogi Bank to win.


Opening Theme-

"Ready Go!" by May'n

Lyrics by Yukino Nakajima

Composed by Akimitsu Honma

The episodes opens with a flashback to Otohime's elementary school days. She was chubby and picked on back then, earning the nickname 'Turtle'. Even back then though Tarou was a womanizer and tells her that she has a good face and would look even cuter if she lost some weight.

Back in the present, Tarou flees from a fight between Otohime and Mimi Usami and runs into Ringo, Ryouko and Ryoushi. Once they settle at the Otogi Bank, Tarou explains that he was in the same elementary school as Otohime and Usami, and Otohime and Usami were in the same class. It turns out that the Usami is actually at the same school as them, but he hadn't run into her before. Tarou goes on to tell the group how he,literally, did run into Usami earlier in the day, while fleeing from Otohime. Otohime recognized Usami and they traded verbal barbs, resulting in Usami suggesting that the two compete in the Miss Otogi Academy Contest next week. At stake: if Usami wins, she will continue to call Otohime Turtle, and if Otohime wins, Usami will stop referring to her by the nickname she left behind.

Otohime barges into the Otogi Bank and requests a favor from the Bank: To help her win the Miss Otogi Academy Contest so that she can show that she's worthy of Tarou and to leave her past behind. With their next task on hand the members of the Otogi Bank begin to plan how to help Otohime win the contest. Ringo explains the rules of the contest, and lists some of the competitors, including "Mysterious Beauty" who won last year. And then Mysterious Beauty herself bursts through the door, only to be clobbered over the head by Alice. Mysterious Beauty drops her falsetto, revealing herself to be Liszt in drag.

The Otogi Bank begins "the Hooker Usami" campaign using "information warfare".. or slander and photoshopped mischief more accurately, but Usami's camp strikes back with similar tactics with their "Loose Otohime" campaign. While going over the results of the latest wave of misinformation, Ryouko discovers that Majo thought the contest looked fun, and entered all the ladies of the Otogi Bank into the contest as well, much to Ryouko's annoyance.

Three days pass and both camp's campaigns are in full swing, and both contestant's rankings are dropping in the opinion of the student body. Liszt tells the others not to worry, and that he's calling in favors to help the situation. He then sends Ringo to acquire some of Usami's votes, by way of a cosplay photo-shoot with Otohime and Otsuu, taking advantage that some of Usami's supporters are loli-fans, and Ringohas appeal with them. Usami intrudes on the photo shoot and the two sides begin to trade explitives. The exchange leaves Usami's close followers disillusioned and they decide they can no longer support her.

The day of the contest finally arrives. Starting with a bang, the contestants all make their entrance in swimsuits.. except Ryouko. The votes are tallied and the top 10 are revealed. Otsuu manages to break into the top ten, but none of the other characters are ranked in the 2nd to 10th spots.. and first place goes to: Shirayuki Himeno!

Ringo taunts a distraut Usami, and a fight nearly breaks out. Afterwards, Liszt comforts a depressed Otohime. He shows her the results board, where she ranked in with one vote - Tarou's. Liszt continues explaining that she really just wanted Tarou's vote. Otohime apologizes to Tarou for not winning the contest, but he shrugs it off, and asks her if it's not enough that he thinks she's cute. And with tears of joy in her eyes, she embraces him.

Ending Theme-

"Careful Akazukin-chan " 赤頭巾ちゃん御用心 (Akazukin-chan Goyoujin by OToGi8

Lyrics by Masami Sugiyama

Characters & Voice Actors

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Miyu Irino ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
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Yoshiaki Iwasaki Director
Haruko Iizuka Character Artist/Designer
Masashi Okita Original Concept Masashi Okita is the author and creator of the light-novel series Okami-san and Her Seven Companions.
Unaji Character Artist/Designer Unaji is an artist and the original character designer for the light-novel series Okami-san and Her Seven Companions.
Megumi Oohashi Music Megumi Oohashi is a musician who has composed the music for various animes.
Jin Aketagawa Sound Engineer Audio Director for various popular anime series.


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