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Okami-san and the Girl Who Doesn’t Sell Matches But Is Misfortunate Anyway is an anime episode of Okamisan that was released on 09/17/2010
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Okami-san Ep. 12 Review

Rating: TV-14
Length: 23:55
A threat for Ryoko has appeared when a young girl makes a confession to Ryoshi in front of her. Her name is Machiko Himura, but her motives are strange. She seems to believe that marrying Ryoshi will bring her riches. She's going to pull out all the cards she has to get Ryoshi, and requests a date form the Otogi Bank. The request is accepted. Though, she may even be in more need of a hero than anyone knew. Including Machiko.

The Good

This episode closes things off with pretty much what makes this show so entertaining for me. It takes the classic fairy-tale drama of The Little Match Girl, and puts it into a modern setting. At least this one didn't have such a depressing ending as the story on which it was based upon. As with other characters, if you look at Machiko's name. The first two letters are the katakana characters of Ma and Chi. The word "macchi" is basically the Japanese version for the word "match". The character "ko" at the end is a common character added to girl's names. It means child. She is literally the "match girl".

This episode seriously draws out the drama of the original story. At first, I really didn't like Machiko. The way she thought she could use Ryoshi for money, but as the episode went on I got to know her more. After seeing how she was living to try and pay off her family's debt. I wouldn't say I was doing a 180 on Machiko. It was certainly a 160. Her motives were questionable, but you can't say she's not working hard. She does even open up to him and admit the truth. That had me at about a 170 degree turn on her character.
It's kind of shocking to hear her ask Ryoshi to be her "first", but when you hear what she says next. It makes you understand what she thought those mafia guys were going to be expected for her to pay off the debt. She wanted her first to be with someone kind. That was more mature than I thought this was going to get, but still heartbreaking. Still, Ryoshi saved the day here.
Ryoshi seriously took a giant step up in this episode. I can say that I would feel the exact same way in his shoes on this one. I would be mad for the very same reasons.

The narrator really works in this episode, because she really plays the part of being the voice of the audience. A good example is her asking if Machiko is right in the head after her utterly anime cliche attempt at getting Ryoshi's attention. You know you were thinking that too.

The Bad

I kind of regret Machiko giving up on Ryoshi so easily. She could of been fun as a potential rival for Ryoko. Even Ryoko only goes as far as to say she "doesn't hate" Ryoshi. it's classic tsundere, but it would be nice to have some more. This being the last episode of the season and all.  

I am upset we never got a Majolica intro episode, but that's a comment on the season and not this episode. Now that I think about it. There wasn't intro episodes for Alice Kiriki or Liszt, but they got plenty of screen time.

There is something I noticed about this series after watching this. All the fathers in Okamisan are true bastards. First we had Ringo's father who kicked Himeno out with her mother. Now, Machiko's father who ran out on her and the money she worked so hard to earn to try and pay off the family's debt.

Verdict 5/5

Originally, I think I was going to be a bit more harsh in my rating, seeing how this is the last episode of the season. That really didn't feel fair. I'm not writing a season review. I'm writing an episode review. It's not right to put the weight of an entire season onto this episode. Keeping that in mind, the episode tells a really touching story that brings the lead characters together at the finale. Though, tepid as it may of been. The episode caught my attention, introduced me to a nice character that I wish I could see more of, and had a sweet ending. Bonus points for bringing back the lovely Yukime.
This was the ending of a love-comedy series. I would rate this a 5 out of 5. Judging how this episode ended. I would not be surprised to hear about a season two. I look forward to that day. In closing, this is my last review for this series. Hope they were helpful to you.

Favorite Moment: Ryoshi to the rescue

Least Favorite Moment: Only a glimpse of Momoko

WTF Moment: One messed up father.

Favorite Character This Episode: Ryoshi Morino

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