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Here we are again with this notion of Ryōko’s toughness being a façade. Some of you lunatics chided me for taking this show too seriously the first time I brought this up. “Tom, this show isn’t to be taken seriously!” you said.

Well, listen up, bucko… the Narrator (charmingly) goes out of her way to stress that this is a serious episode. So roll that fact through your head before you stick your tongue out at me or hurl some case-appropriate emoticon while I do my over-thought analysis of this cute foreign sitcom.

Seeing how this episode plays the concept out, now, I think my objection’s maybe more about the choice of words than it is about the concept. That is, the idea that Ryōko gotten mean and excessively combative because she was so cruelly dumped at young age is a good drama. As is the idea of Ringo helping Shirō get through to her.

However, I think the language the show uses to get that point across is iffy. It turns all her feats of heroic kickass into misguided behavior that needs to be corrected through getting a good boyfriend. The fact that this ends with Shirō resolving to become strong to protect her is actually little troubling for that. He’d essentially put on the same sort of tough façade she’s so flawed for having, but it’s presented as positive character growth for him.

As seriously as I might take this show (and, hey, I’ve been invited to!) I don’t have the necessary space to get that deep into some of the… discussion points raised in this show. Maybe I’ll get to it when I reach the final episode? Maybe I’ll just leave it to you lunatics to hash out in the talkback? Go on and prove me right or wrong.

Look up this episode, "Ōkami-san and Little Red Riding Hood, and While We're at It, Ryōshi-kun" and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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It kinda of weakness of the show is that when it does want to get in to serious moments, it doesn't do them well since most of the show has been goof scenes and more lighthearted antics. As much as you complain about the chibi moments in FMA, they still do them in areas where a good laugh or two was needed to give balance. Here, there is no balance.

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I thought she was raped. Also who are you calling Shiro?

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It's never really been explained, in the anime at least, what Shiro Hitsujikai did to Ryoko. It could even be as much as he said something happened that actually didn't.

Shiro's family name Hitsujikai, is the Japanese word for "shepherd". As you may remember "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" was a shepherd. Shiro is a liar.

You'll notice that this episode uses the story of Little Red Ridinghood. Only in this version, Ringo goes to visit the wolf in bed to bring her the school work.

When Tom is writing Shiro, I believe he means Ryoshi.

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Hmm so it sounds like the point of this episode is that ass kicking women are wrong and bad but ass kicking men are good and ok...that would disturb me to. Haven't seen this though so can't talk about this more than that.

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this is one my favorite episodes of Okami- san

im sooooooo glad someone other then me enjoyed the who tough girl facade

but you're right about one thing the language is a little iffy......

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I recently heard this show was made by the people who did Toradora, which I surmised from the similar character designs. I also haven't watched a single episode of this show for fear it will end up like that show did. I'll be blunt: the characters in Toradora became such drama queens by the end of it, I wanted to reach into my computer and beat the emo out of them.

To those who have watched either both series or just this show, does it end up like that?

P.S. Also, Tom, the female lead in Toradora has a similar facade of acting tough only to end up an emotionally damaged individual.

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I felt Toradora was a wonderful series. You have to remember the kids are in high school so of course they will make everything into drama. But there are a lot of serious times in there as well.

Since you bring it up, there are some similarities between the two shows but this one doesn't have near the same type of ending.

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