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Banzai! Oishinbo started in 1975 and ran for 25 years. A short slot where celebrities sampled various regional delicacies, it started a craze for gourmet food shows and the 1983 Big Comic Spirits manga Oishinbo by Tetsu Kariya and Akira Hamasaki. The anime version sticks close to the original, in which two young reporters go in search of the ultimate celebration menu for their newspaper's hundredth anniversary. A live-action movie version followed in 1996. After the resolution of the original quest, the anime story focuses on comedy and romance, as chef Jiro aims for the top in an elegant Tokyo restaurant. Despite Jiro's youth, his boss has put him in sole charge of the menu, and he works hard to ensure that he deserves such trust. As in the manga, as much care is given to the depiction of food as to Jiro, his lovely costar Yuko, and the other characters. Several interrelated episodes were also edited into TV specials Oishinbo: Jiro vs. Katsuyama (#2, 10, 12, and 36) and Oishinbo: The Ultimate Full Course (#1, 6, 23, and 62). The characters also appeared in spin-offs, including Oishinbo: Ultimate Shopping (1992), which was an animated segment of the Magical Brain Power TV quiz game, and the topical TV special Oishinbo: The U.S.-Japan Rice War (1993). See also Mister Ajikko and the live-action series Iron Chef (1993). Original creator Kariya would also inadvertently cook up a giant robot show: UFO Robot Dai Apollon. Cook Daddy's unorthodox ingredients put it in a different category despite the similarity of the Japanese title.

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Name Oishinbo
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Start Year 1988
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Aliases Feast Taste Quest
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