Oh, Yeah! Our Crib is Number One!

Oh, Yeah! Our Crib is Number One! is an anime episode of Gintama that was released on 08/01/2006

Plot Summary

Tae Shimura creates a strange doll that she ends up giving to her brother Shinpachi that oddly resembles Elizabeth, Katsura's alien pet from another planet. When he returns from his trip, he is jumped by his enraged sister and her deadly naginata, who has mistaken him as the thief who has been stealing her panties recently. Shinpachi decides that something must be done regarding this issue and turns to ask a favor of his friend Gintoki. It is up to Odd Jobs Gin to resolve this issue so that they can catch the true panty thief and put Shinpachi's sister at peace.

Characters & Voice Actors

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