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Belldandy is the first of the three goddesses who comes to live with Keiichi. She is summoned when Keiichi accidentally calls the Goddess Hotline and stays by his side at his request. She loves her sister goddesses and friends deeply and she has feelings for Keiichi.

Keiichi Morisato

Keiichi is a very unlucky guy. He's very shy and a little socially awkward. He is a member of the auto club. He loves to work on and race cars and motorcycles. He changes his fortune by wishing for the goddess Belldandy to stay with him forever.


Marller (Mara) is Hild's most-noted demon assistant and the psuedo-master of Senbei. She and Urd were once best friends before Urd chose her Goddess side over her Demon side and left Mara behind. Despite the rivalry and fighting, she still cares for Urd and wants to be together again.

Megumi Morisato

Megumi is the younger sister of Ah! My Goddess' protagonist, Keiichi Morisato.


Skuld is the youngest goddess of the ones assembled in Keiichi's home and is the third to arrive. She is a wonderful scientist and engineer, but often behaves like an obnoxious brat as she tries to prevent Keiichi from being "perverted" with Belldandy. She is the creator of Banpei.


Urd is the half-goddess, half-demon child of Heaven and Hell. She is a habitual liar and meddler, but she means well and protects her sister goddesses fiercely. She is a Goddess 2nd Class and is the second goddess to be summoned to Keiichi's home. She teleports through the television.

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