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Hapless student Keiichi phones for takeout and accidentally gets through to the Goddess Helpline. When Belldandy (Verthandi-the Norse embodiment of the concept of Being) turns up in his bedroom and offers to grant him a wish, he wishes for her to be his girlfriend, and they're stuck with each other. In the video series, she's a divine doormat who waits on him hand and foot, exerts her powers very discreetly and then only to make life easier for him, and includes both their siblings in the household without a murmur-a parody of ideal Japanese femininity. The 1988 Comic Afternoon manga by Kosuke Fujishima does more justice to all the characters, but the anime compresses the whole tale into a romance between the wettest pair of lovers since Noah, a wimp and a doormat whose excuse is that they were fated to be that way. A soft-soap rendition of alien-spouse drama tradition that traces a line back through Urusei Yatsura and Beloved Betty all the way to the American sitcom Bewitched, Kosuke Fujishima's story posits a boy who is pure of heart and gives him the perfect girlfriend, whose role seems to be to look pretty, cook, and clean. The story is sugary enough to rot teeth, but the animation and design are remarkably faithful to Fujishima's stunning original art.

Surprisingly, given the fad for mawkish romance à la Tenchi Muyo!, OMG did not graduate to a TV series. While other shows jumped onto its formulaic bandwagon, it was Fujishima's other big manga, You're under Arrest!, that got a TV broadcast. Instead, fans had to contend with a series of short, squashed-down comedy skits, The Adventures of Mini-Goddess (1998, OMG: Chichaitte Koto wa Benri da ne!, aka The Adventures of Mini-Goddesses in the Handy "Petite" Size), directed by Yasuhiro Matsu-mura. Running as part of the Anime Complex anthology TV show, the series was a predictable rush of sight gags as cartoon versions of Belldandy's sisters Urd and Skuld, accompanied by Gan-chan the rat, rushed through comedy business seemingly inspired by old Warner Bros. cartoons. Belldandy's original voice actress, Kikuko Inoue, is conspicuously absent from the first 14 episodes. There were also, however, brief cameos by OMG manga characters not seen in the previous anime version, as well as parodies of contemporary anime, such as Berserk.

After much hype and delays (reputedly occasioned at one point by a go-slow from animators convinced that the world would end according to the prophecies of Nostradamus, so there was little point in doing overtime!), the feature-length OMG: The Movie (2000) was finally released, reuniting director Goda and many of the video staff. Originally planned as an adaptation of the "Welsper" story arc from the manga, the film's plot changed through many rewrites into a simpler setup in which Belldandy is approached by her mentor, Celestin, a one-time member of the Gods' Council. Discredited and imprisoned on the moon, Celestin seeks Belldandy's help, though Keiichi is initially suspicious of her association with the newcomer.

The show was pastiched on many occasions, particularly in erotic variants such as Evocation and Can Can Bunny. The OMG story itself did not receive a bona fide TV adaptation until 2005, with Hiroaki Goda's 24-episode TBS series which we have listed here as 26 episodes, on account of the two bonus chapters included on the DVD release. This was followed by another TV series, OMG: Everyone Has Wings (Sorezore no Tsubasa, 2006). A different "Verdandi" would also appear in Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok.

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Name Oh My Goddess!
Romaji: Aa Megamisama
Publisher ?
Start Year 1993
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Aliases Ah! My Goddess
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