Oh, Goodbye Me

Oh, Goodbye Me is an anime episode of Is this a Zombie? of the Dead that was released on 04/12/2012

Yuki asks Ayumu to go hike with her into the mountains, but when Ayumu brings his roommates, Yuki gets a bit disappointed. She lightens up when Haruna mentions that they are not in love with Ayumu, and they want to have fun with her.

Plot Summary

Look Ayumu, you're so fashionable
Look Ayumu, you're so fashionable

Haruna informs Eucliwood that Ayumu broke Mystletainn, and Eucliwood asks her where is Ayumu. Speaking of Ayumu, he is at the police station where a police officer gives him the cold stare and tells him to never come back. Seraphim appears and insults him again for exposing himself as exhibitionist. The rain further adds Ayumu's feelings of shame. Sarasvati continues staring at Ayumu's butt and calls him "My Darling." Heading home, he finds Haruna who tells him that his videos got a lot of hits much to Ayumu's embarrassment. In class on the following day, Anderson reveals a magazine showing how popular Ayumu is in his Masou Shoujo clothes. Everyone give Ayumu congratulations and Taeko thinks Ayumu's cool. Orito seems unamused. Taeko compliments on Ayumu's legs which causes Ayumu to run off in shame. Sarasvati continues to stare at Ayumu's rump. He finds Chris, Miss Fairy, making another alcoholic drink. She offers him a drink and tells him a scandal is like a candle and that he needs to get back on his feet. Ayumu thanks Chris for her words, and he gets back to class. The mob of students still wait for Ayumu, and then, Yuki greets him. She asks if Ayumu is interested in hiking in the mountains. At home, Ayumu informs his roommates that he is going to the mountains with Yuki to star gaze together.

Yuki is so happy
Yuki is so happy

Over at the train station, Ayumu and his gang arrive to meet with Yuki who got a bit disappointed that he brought company. Through the woods, Haruna complains, and Yuki yells at her for being unprepared. After Haruna finds a place to squat and pee, Yuki gets excited about the star, and the other girls notice Yuki is falling for Ayumu. Yuki and Ayumu decide to look for her. Yuki stumbles, and Ayumu catches her. Yuki struggles to ask him a question about calling him by his first name. With her face so flushed, she got interrupted by Haruna who is chased by a swarm of bees. She tackles Ayumu and use him as a distraction. Ayumu gets surrounded by bees, and then, he got mauled by a bear. The two run and bump into Seraphim. Ayumu trips and finds himself pulling Seraphim's pants down, revealing pink panties. Moments later, Haruna hugs the bear. Yuki feels envious that Ayumu is having fun with his roommates. Haruna corrects her that they don't love him. She explains that she wanted to have fun with Yuki. Ayumu and the gang gaze at the sky that is raining shooting stars. On the way home, Ayumu feels good about himself.

Sarasvati: "Your ass is mine, My Darling!"
Sarasvati: "Your ass is mine, My Darling!"

Back at school, Ayumu accepts the fact the is a cross dresser and signs autographs. He wonders if he is going to have a normal life. Sarasvati gives him a paper and demands him to soak in water. The message is revealed to be "I love you, my darling piece of shit." Sarasvati sees that he has understand her feelings for him. Ayumu walks back to class where he finds Orito being all gloomy. Orito caress the magazine and finds that his friend is too famous. He cannot accept that fact and asks Ayumu to let his heart recover. With Orito gone, Sarasvati announces that she will not mistreat Ayumu who is confused. At home, Ayumu finds Haruna revealing someone is uploading pictures of his ass on the web. Meanwhile, Sarasvati is uploading those images to make the world know about her darling. Elsewhere, Dai wants to ask Kyoko some questions. It appears that Kyoko has been beaten by Dai.

Points of Interest

Seraphim's panties revealed for the first time
Seraphim's panties revealed for the first time
  • Eucliwood gives a brief recap after theme song.
  • Sarasvati calls Ayumu, "My Darling" in Engrish.
  • Seraphim wears pink panties with little red ribbons and frills at the top.
  • Haruna gets along with animals but not insect.
  • Sarasvati confesses to Ayumu with a message: I love you, my darling piece of shit" on a piece of paper.
  • Orito cannot handle the fact that his best friend is famous.


  • Japanese Name: "Ā, Sayōnara Ore" (嗚呼、さようなら俺)
  • Opening Theme: "***Passionate" by Iori Nomizu
  • Ending Theme: "Koi no Beginner Nan Desu (T_T)" ("I Am a Love Beginner") by Rie Yamaguchi

Characters & Voice Actors

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Takaomi Kanasaki Director Takaomi Kanasaki is a Japanese anime director and storyboard artist.
Shinji Kakijima Music Composer.


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