Ogress is an anime episode of Sket Dance that was released on 12/08/2011

Hime's origin story begins when her beloved Cyclone breaks in a fight, and she has to get a replacement for it. When Hime and the SKET Dance crew look at the playground near the hockey store, it brings back memories. Hime begins explaining her origin story.

Plot Summary

Opening Theme

"Graffiti" by Gackt

Cyclone's grave
Cyclone's grave

Young Hime watches and narrates a cartoon show about a hero who she loved, Popman. After that flashback, Himeko confronts a thug for stealing someone's wallet and calls him a jerk several times prompting him to attack her. However, she deflects his wooden sword and scares him off with her terrifying look after he leaves the wallet behind. Himeko returns the wallet to its rightful owner who graciously thanks her for her help. Immediately, Bossun cleans Hime's face with his rag while Switch hands her a Pelocan lollipop. Switch points to Hime's broken Cyclone, a field hockey stick. Later that night, a burial site is viewed. (Presumed to be Cyclone's grave) In the morning, Bossun and Switch follow Hime for no reason. Hime tells them that she's buying a new hockey stick and if Bossun and Switch act weird, she will throw them out.

Hime & SKET Dan
Hime & SKET Dan

In the store, Hime sees a new manager and browses over the field hockey sticks. After she asks the manager for a field hockey stick that is similar to her Cyclone. She then asks Bossun and Switch to help her find the right replacement hockey stick. Bossun presents her with the Blast's Evil Spirit. Hime rejects the hockey stick because it's not cute. Swooping in, Switch presents Hime with Blast's Fancy Donki. However, Hime calls it blunt (Donki) even though it's cute. Bossun picks a broom because of how the names rhyme: Evil Spirit (kyouki), Blunt weapon (donki), and broom (houki). Hime swings a black hockey stick to test it out. She then states that it did not feel right. Bossun notices that manager did not compliment Hime for using the field hockey stick properly. Then, Bossun opens the locker room to find the real manager. Hime grabs a blue hockey stick (Fragrance is written on it) and beats the robber who ran outside. Bossun and Switch do their usual respects to Hime. The manager tells Hime that she can have a hockey stick on the house.

Hime likes her new stick
Hime likes her new stick

Hime blushes and chooses the hockey stick that she used to beat the robber. When Switch asks Hime about the new name for her new hockey stick, Bossun proposes "Bankai." Hime thought about how Cyclone was named from its product name, so Hime looks at the words, fragrance. She asks Switch what does "Blast" means. After Switch replies a strong wind, Hime calls it Kunpuumaru. In addition, Switch adds that fragrance also means vicious or having a notorious reputation. Bossun laughs at the double meaning, but Switch states that it's suitable for the Onihime. The group look at the playground which brings back memories. This is where Hime broke her first hockey stick three years ago.

Flashback 3 Years Ago

Arisa Kanou (A-chan)
Arisa Kanou (A-chan)

On the train, Hime explains she was born and raised in Osaka, but she had to move to Tokyo due to her father's work. Hime remembers getting a red, two pointed hat from her beloved friends. In class, she introduces herself and explains to the class how her name means devoted love. She states that it's too cute for her since she is a tomboy. She finishes with a bow to her class. Later, she is lonely while the girls chat. In field hockey club, she plays field hockey. A young girl, Kanou Arisa, talks to Hime and points that they have the same hockey stick, Valkyrie. Moments later, Hime coach Arisa (A-chan) during training. Then, Kanrou's friends ask Hime to coach them. Hime had friends and enjoys her new school since that day.

Nanba Kyoko
Nanba Kyoko

In the mall, she spots A-chan with a group of delinquent girls. The following day, Hime asks A-chan to go out with her, but she declines Hime's offer with sad eyes. Hime begins to explain that A-chan is always quiet, wallflower, but sometimes, she disappears. Hime finds out that Nanba Kyoko is a bully whose group is targeting A-chan from two girls. Hime asks them why they did not do anything, so she decides to take matters in her hands. She confronts A-chan who tells Hime that she has to give her bullies money. Hime desperately tells A-chan that she will help protect her. In an abandon warehouse, Hime gets beaten by Naban and gets up. Hime begs them to not pick on A-chan, and Naban proceeds to beat Hime. A-chan gets free; Hime tells her that she'll protect her. Suddenly, Arisa laughs and permits Naban to beat Hime. During the beating, Hime feels betrayed, and Naban explains that A-chan is the boss of the group and pays them. A-chan states that she did it, so she will not be bully and that her school life will be peaceful. She yells at Hime for looking down on her for being weak.

Suddenly, Hime's last nerve breaks, and she stops Naban's punch. As her eyes glow red, she fights back like a beast. She beats the mob of delinquents with her hockey stick. Arisa backs away like a scared animal. Hime looks at her, and Arisa shouts that Hime is a demon. Hime states that she never liked her last name.

Closing Theme

"Milk to Chocolate (ミルクとチョコレート)" by ChocoLe

Points Of Interest

  • Popman has a hat similar to Bossun's red, two horned hat.
  • Hime despises being called Onihime.
  • 1st Pelocan pop is Locomoco flavored, and 2nd Pelocan pop is fried oyster flavored.
  • Hime points out that she picks hockey sticks like how a Samurai picks his katana.
  • Cyclone is produced from a company called Blast. It is made of carbon with a 22 mm curve head.
  • Theme Songs Cameos: Around 4:30, you can hear the ending theme song "Milk to Chocolate (ミルクとチョコレート)" by ChocoLe. Around 6:33 or so, you can hear the first opening theme song: "カッコ悪い I Love You" by French Kiss.
  • Switch and Bossun make an assumption based on how Hime uses her hockey stick. Bossun chose Blast's Evil Spirit since Hime beats people.
  • Anime References: Bossun suggests Hime names her new hockey stick like a Zanpakuto, so she can do Bankai.
  • Hime's new hockey stick is Kunpuumaru. It has the words "Fragrance" written on it.
  • Hime started her love of field hockey when she participated in field hockey club in 4th grade.
  • Kanou's nickname is A-chan.
  • Arisa calls Hime a demon which is the start of Onihime rumors.

Manga & Anime Differences

This episode covers volume 7's chapters 56 (Fragrance) and chapters 57 and 58 of the Ogress parts 1 and 2. Also, it covers a bit of chapter 59's beginning with the parts where Hime beats the guys.

Hime's parents
Hime's parents
  • Anime did not show Hime wearing the Popman's hat.
  • The manga has Hime beat a bully on the way to school. Whereas the anime has Hime narrating about her old school on the train.
  • Manga Only: Hime's parents are shown and her protest about moving to an all girl's school. The anime did not mention that she is going an all girl school.
  • Manga portrays Hime's classmates belittling Hime due to her hockey skills and being a new girl. This is before Arisa asks Hime to help her.
  • Nanba is only seen in the manga where she stares at Hime and Arisa from a fence. Only in the manga, Hime bumps into Nanba who yelled at Hime.
Prominent Girl
Prominent Girl
  • There is one prominent girl in the manga where Hime talks to her about Arisa and Nanba. Compared to the anime, Hime asks two girls. Also, Hime only follows Arisa in the manga.
  • Near the beginning, the manga has scenes of a thug threatening a man with a knife. In the anime, there is no knife.
  • Manga Only: Hime spots Arisa giving money to Nanba. During the confrontation, there is a scene where the money envelope drops and Hime sees the name Arisa without honorifics. This implies some familarity between Nanba and Arisa. (see images)
  • In the manga, Arisa is not held hostage while in the anime, Arisa is held hostage. Only in the anime, Arisa laughs at Hime.
  • In the manga, Hime grabs her hockey stick during Arisa's explanation. Compared to the anime, Hime grabs the hockey stick when she gets pummeled by Nanba.

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