Oga Tatsumi

Oga Tatsumi is a anime/manga character in the Beelzebub franchise
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A strong fighter who becomes the earthly father of the Demon King's son, Beelzebub.


Oga is one of the deliquent students at Ishiyama High, when he became the protector of the heir to the demon throne, Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV a.k.a. Beel, when he saw a man floating down the river. The man then split open to reveal the baby inside, and the baby decided to stick with him, due to his natural power and strength. He then met up with the baby's nursemaid, Hilda, and various other zany characters. Oga's current quest is to find someone stronger and more evil than him who can take the baby off his hands. His quest has led him to defeat the Touhoushinki, the four toughest at Ishiyama High, as well as taking on the Saint Ishiyama Academy's Rokkisei, a group of six who rule the school.


Oga's Anime Design.
Oga's Anime Design.

Tatsumi Oga was created by the mangaka Ryohei Tamura to be used in the manga Beelzebub. In the anime adaptation, Oga's hair color was changed from black to a dark brown. In this adaptation, as well as the VOMIC, Oga was portrayed by Katsuyuki Konishi.

Major Story Arcs

Touhoushinki Arc

Oga commenced with his mission to find a person more powerful and evil than him to pass Baby Beel onto, and so he decided to approach the Touhoushinki. The Touhoushinki were the four strongest at Ishiyama High, composed of Hajime Kanzaki, Himekawa Tatsuya, Aoi Kunieda, and Hidetora Toujou. So, Oga resolved to make sure that he could pass on Baby Beel to one of them.

Oga grabs an easy win against Kanzaki.
Oga grabs an easy win against Kanzaki.

The first, Hajime Kanzaki, WAS powerful, being able to drop kick anyone almost instantly, and commanded the immediate respect of his subordinates. However, Oga was shocked when he saw that Kanzaki convinced one of his s ubordinates to jump out of the school building. Oga decided that he couldn't leave Baby Beel to a man who would resort to this measure to prove his strength, but proving nothing but his own insecurity, and took out Kanzaki in a single blow. After this battle, the Zebub Spell manifested as a mark on Oga's hand.

Oga faces Himekawa, the second member of Touhoushinki.
Oga faces Himekawa, the second member of Touhoushinki.

The second, Himekawa Tatsuya, Oga initially wouldn't fight. Since the manifestation of the Zebub Spell, Oga was afraid that the mark could end up destroying or corrupting his body in some way, and decided to refrain from fighting, hoping that if the spell vanished Baby Beel would leave as well. However, Himekawa ended up kidnapping Hilda and Furuichi, and Oga found that he had no choice but to go and fight him. In the end, Himekawa was defeated using the Zebub Spell, and the mark grew into a tattoo that covered Oga's entire right arm.

Aoi unleashes her strongest attack against Oga.
Aoi unleashes her strongest attack against Oga.

The third, Aoi Kunieda, initially met Oga while disguised as Aoi Kunie at the park. She had been taking her little brother out for some play time. It was then that Aoi developed a crush on Oga. After they fought, Aoi resigned from her spot as leader of the Red Tails, leaving Nene in charge. However, Nene never accepted her resignation as permanent.

The fourth, Toujou, was, by far, the most challenging and most difficult of the Touhoushinki that Oga had to face. After Baby Beel became sick, he ran from Oga, and found comfort in Toujou, who thankfully loves cute things, including babies. Oga lost to Toujou in their initial battle, but his determination to win back the approval of Beel, and Beel's return to him, allowed Oga to defeat him.

Demon World Arc

Oga goes to Demon world with beel, who insists to stay with Lamia.He is confronted with a locality containing various demon thieves.He along with Furuichi and Lamia rescue Angelica in the process of escaping from Demon world.He is taken back to human world by Allaindelon.

St. Ishiyama Arc

However, after defeating the four Touhoushinki, Oga found that his power was too great, and ended up accidentally blowing up the entirety of Ishiyama High. This meant that, at least temporarily, they would have to move campus to St. Ishiyama, the high-class preparatory school next to Ishiyama High.

None of the teachers and staff at St. Ishiyama liked the students of Ishiyama High, often ridiculing them, with the exception of one or two who had heard of their "tough" reputation. However, Oga found that he would have to contend with the members of the Six Knights, the student council of St. Ishiyama. In particular, one, named Shinichiro Miki, had a personal grudge against Oga.

Then, things got worse for Oga when he and the Touhoushinki got into a serious fight with the Six Knights. They were about to be expelled, when some other students instead proposed a deal: there was to be a School Festival in several weeks. The Six Knights could choose any game they pleased. If the Ishiyama High team won, then they could stay. If they lost, they were expelled.

And so it was determined that the game would be volleyball. Unfortunately, Oga, alongside the other Ishiyama High competitors, was reluctant join, being naturally lazy. So, Hilda and Furuichi tricked him and other Ishiyama High students into training for the volleyball game under the false pretenses that the St. Ishiyama students had insulted him behind his back.

Demon Invasion Arc

Oga was almost killed in a battle with the generals of Baby Beel's older brother, Lord En. Therefore, he has resolved to train harder so that he can improve and become even stronger. First, he trained under Aoi's grandfather alongside Aoi herself and the five that he faced at St. Ishiyama. He grudgingly accepted training under Saotome, who also possesses a Zebub Mark.

Oga has done some training under Saotome. Unbeknownst to him, he and Baby Beel were being recorded by a machine procured by Saotome. It created a clone of Baby Beel that held his "inner potential".

After the series of training, he is seen talking to Hilda about Izuma knowing about demon energy and the next day heading to school remebering how he never got any info on Izuma while at school he is seen being greeted by St. Ishiyama students, then being asked by Miki to walk home together (but quickly refuses him). He then later goes to the roof to confront Izuma himself while meeting Toujou at the same time, but before they fight all three are attacked by Zenjuro Satome (his new homeroom teacher) and is brought back home. Later as baby Be'el slapped him back to life in class he then goes with Furuichi to get something to drink, feeling Zenjuro's energy as he closes the the wormhole Oga made during the festival. Feeling the energy, he travels to the gym as Zenjuro is leaving after restraining Hilda as Zenjuro leaves he tells Oga to come to school tomorrow. He is then confronted by Kuineda about who baby Be'el is; as he tries to explain, he hurts baby Be'el's feeling because he dosen't remember his full name. As baby Be'el runs into a wet nurse who looks like Hilda as she knocks out Furuichi, who was listening in. She tries to kiss Oga but is blocked by the real Hilda.

As two other wet nurses come in, a boy who calls himself En appears as he names himself baby Be'el's brother, but before he says more they move to Furuichi's house. After explaning his purpose to destroy the world with Be'el, En and his wet nurses soon disappear after explaning that some En's men will come for Oga's life. As Oga, Hilda, and Kuineda head home, a moment of silence came. When the time that Kunieda must part ways because her home was the other way, a demon suddenly appeared and caught her. Oga and Hilda came up with a plan to save Kunieda, with Oga acting as a bait so Hilda could save Kunieda. The plan went just as planned, but the demon read their tactics. Hilda got pierced with the spear of the demon, right through her stomach.

Falling helplessly on the road, baby Be'el was about to cry until Oga stopped him, saying that Hilda was still watching over him. Oga comments that even though she has a hole on her stomach, her concern was still Baby Be'el. Enranged because of what happened, Oga fought the demon even though it was no use fighting. Zenjuro suddenly appeared and stopped the demon before it was too late for them. Hilda was soon taken care of by Lamia and Dr. Folcus. Later that night, Hilda apologized to Oga saying that what happened earlier was a pathetic story. She was planning to say more, but inadvertantly fell asleep. After being defeated easily, Oga takes up Kuineda's grandfather's offer for training. After compelting the training, he then started training with Zenjuro; fighting a copy of baby Be'el to be able to use his demon powers. Once Oga finished his training he went to where Hilda and the others were to fight the demons, holding Alaindelon like a sword and when the fight begins Oga shows all his power defeating the demon, who had previously defeated him and Hilda, with one shot. He then turns to the two remaining demons and claims to show them a new skill to beat them at the same time. He then takes a long time preparing a milk bottle, bringing its temperature down, and to everyone's surprise, drinks it himself. He calls the skill "Super Milk Time", which was invented accidentally during his training with Zenjuro.

Hilda realizes that he had "forced a synchro", or synchronised himself and Baby Be'el. After a while, he drinks a bit more milk, causing a complete synchronization, uniting himself and Baby Be'el into one body. However, with Be'el, not Oga in control, the demons are defeated, but Himekawa's apartment building is completely destroyed. Prince En leaves with his nurses and Behemoth's demons after making a fit over his interrupted game and Furuichi's misunderstood act of guarding Lamia from the falling ceiling, declaring that he would be back one day with a whole army to crush them.

Oga is seen unconcious with Beel at his side.After the fight with Behemoth's fellow, Oga and and Be'el faint. When they woke up they exchange their bodies, so Oga is stucked in Be'el's and Be'el is stuck in Oga's. Together with Hilda, Oga goes to Saotome's place so that he can help him and Be'el returning to their respective bodies. Anyway, Beel in Oga's body flees and meets Aoi. He hugs and stays close to her, and because of this, Hilda gets jealous. The two Women fight on the roof, but this Time, Aoi is stronger after her training, and beating her is not a simple task for Hilda. Suddenly, Be'el-Oga hugs Aoi and she blushes; Hilda gets even more pissed, and Oga-Be'el also wants to stop Be'el-Oga.

The 3 attacck Be'el-Oga at the same time, but in that instant, Oga returns to his own body, resulting in Him beeing hit. Later Oga meets an old man, who was searching for him until that moment. Oga doesn't mind the old one and says he's not Oga at all. The old man then is revealed to be Behemoth and after fighting with Saotome, The School Principal Genma Isurugi and Aoi's Grandpa Ittousai Kunieda, he reveals to have rebuilt the Ishiyama High and renames it as Akumano Academy, a school of demons. After that Behemoth claims to not be the Army Leader because of his advanced age. The actual leader is the likely son of Behemoth (he calls him "Pops"), Jabberwock. He kidnaps Hilda with his dragon Sodom, and flies away with his father on the "pet's" back, while Oga is unable to follow him because of Ittousai blocking him on Saotome's order. But Oga manages to free himself and goes after Jabberwock and Behemoth on the dragon's back. He goes in Super Milk Time again, first drinking 30cc and attacking Jabberwock. Anyway the army general is too strong and easily takes on a triple 3-Hit Zebul Emblem Combo from 30cc Oga and even drinking 50cc of the milk, Oga can't keep up with him. So He decides to hit the dragon and free Hilda; The Wet Nurse orders the BoB Brawler to go away by himself but Oga's resolute, and hits Sodom with a 6-Hit Zebul Emblem Combo.

The dragon actually realeses Hilda from his mouth and she uses her demon aura to catch Oga. After she tells him he's a damn fool, she says that he must take care of Baby Be'el, beeing the only parent he has in this world. Then she gets swallowd by Sodom, letting Oga fall down and the two Demon escape.

Later Oga wakes up and realize that is in the school nurse office realizing that he was still too weak to face them resolves to train harder to face them again. After training and falling unconsious he has a dream where everyone is in the court room again saying how weak he is at the moment. When he wakes up he realizes that he on a ship with Aoi, and Lamia. They are sailing to an island called Decapitation Island where he and Aoi will train to learn how to use demonic energy with Lamia. They are going to the island to learn Black Techs from Suiten Ikaruga .


Street Fighting

Oga fights mainly with his fists. He has strange names for his techniques such as Burying Punch. His fighting style relies mostly on brute strength when Ittousai Kunieda fights him. According to Ittousai, Oga spends too much energy pounding the enemy instead of dodging or even thinking.

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  • Burying Punch - Oga punches the enemy which sends into the wall or the ground
  • Rocket Punch -
  • Super Burying Punch - According to Furuichi, it is similar to the Burying Punch except a little stronger. Oga uses it against a Shadow Group member after Kiriya barges in his volleyball victory moments.

Zebul Spell

On his right arm, Oga bears the royal seal. He gets his demonic powers from baby Beelzebub as he and Beelzebub sync their emotions in order to deliver a devastating attack. First time that Oga uses his demon powers is when he saves Beelzebub from a collapsing tower on the day he meets Hilda for the first time.

The royal seal grows as Oga and Beelzebub's bond between each other grows and deepens. This results in more demon power flowing into Oga. However, the flaw is that when Beelzebub got a fever, the demon power can kill Oga (according to Forkas). Beelzebub can sever the link by himself to save Oga.

  • Zebul Blast - Oga punches his opponent and releases a large amount of demonic energy that's strong enough to destroy a building.
  • Zebul Emblem - Oga punches his opponent and releases a large amount of demonic energy that's strong enough to destroy a building.

Black Techs (Super Milk Time)

Super Milk Time
Super Milk Time

Oga prepares a special milk that allows him and Beelzebub to merge together. As a result, his powers and abilities are increased exponentially for a limited time.

Voiced by
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Katsuyuki Konishi
General Information Edit
Name: Oga Tatsumi
Name: 男鹿 辰巳
Romanji: Oga Tatsumi
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Beelzebub #1
1st anime episode: Beelzebub #1
1st anime movie:
Aliases Gutter-trash
Thug with a baby
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