Odin Lowe

Odin Lowe is a anime/manga character
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Mentor and original caretaker of Heero Yuy (the Gundam pilot), he was a professional assassin hired by Dekim Barton to kill General Septem but died after the attempt. Little is known about him.

Odin Lowe was a former member of OZ and a professional assassin. He is most well known for being the mentor to the boy who would later become the Gundam pilot Heero Yuy, and also being the assassin who killed the politician Heero Yuy. It is unknown how long the boy and him had been together or where they had met, but it is estimated to have been at least several years. Lowe was hired by Dekim Barton in AC 187 to kill General Septum of the Earth Sphere Alliance, but his attempt failed and he finds out too late it was just a plot by Dekim to get revenge on Lowe for killing the original Heero Yuy. Before dying Lowe had taught the young boy how to fight and survive, but the most important lesson he taught him was to live by his emotions. He died shortly thereafter from several gunshot wounds.
Rank Game #63 in Power Rank
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Name: Odin Lowe
Name: アディン・ロウ
Romanji: Adin Rowa
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
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