Odaiba Characters

Odaiba is a anime/manga location
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Gatomon is a Adult (Champion) Cat Digimon and the partner of Hikari Yagami. She used to work for Myotismon until she discovered she was Hikari's partner. She is able to turn into Angewomon.

Hiroaki Ishida

Yamato and Takeru's father who works at the Fuji Television station in Odaiba. During the time Myotismon invaded the city, Hiroaki helped his sons and his friends fight Myotismon.


Mari Kusakabe

A young woman who befriends siblings Mirai and Yuuki in Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

Matt Ishida

One of the Original 8 Chosen Children (Digi Destined) and Takeru Takaishi's older brother. His Digimon partner is Gabumon.

Mirai Onozawa

The protagonist of Tokyo Magnitude 8.0.

Najimi Osana

Sora Kitano



The Digimon Partner of Ken Ichijouji.

Yuuki Onozawa

Younger brother of Mirai and main character in Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

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