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En route to a high school reunion, Taku Morisaki reflects on his past. Ten years earlier, transfer student Rikako fell for Taku's friend Matsuno, perhaps to hide the alienation she felt at an unwelcoming school. On a trip to Hawaii, her money was stolen, and she surprisingly turned to Taku for help-a simple and possibly innocent act that changed the trio's relationships forever.

Based on a Saeko Himura novel originally serialized in Animage magazine, this is Studio Ghibli's only television drama and was made by the studio's younger members for a themed broadcast during the Golden Week holiday. The stress of making OW and Here Is Greenwood simultaneously would leave director Mochizuki briefly hospitalized. The studio also made two animated shorts to celebrate the 40th anniversary of broadcaster Nippon TV.


Taku Morisaki - is our main character in the beginning he doesn't go looking for love, love just finds him. He is a average school boy, good at sports, smart and extra kind to the ladies. He likes helping others out, in fact it's what got him in this kind of situation in the first place. But the word that describes him the best is probably "amateur". And now the question is how does a amateur react when he falls in love?

Rikako Muto - is the beautiful new girl. She is talented, sporty and extra arrogant. Rikako is also very smart and tricky. Her family is having a lot of problems at the moments so she tends to get sensitive. She even went as far as to try to fly with plane with the money she borrowed form friends. Well, not only is she a bad planner but she is even worse wiu love.


TrackTitle/[English translation]NotesTime
1ファースト インプレッション
Faasuto Inpureshon
[First Impression]
Umi ga Kikoeru
[I Can Hear the Sea]
3シーサイド ストリート
Shiisaido Sutoriito
Seaside Street
Shoujo no Omoi
[A Girl's Thoughts]
Yofuke ni Hitori
[Alone in the Dead of Night]
Aru Hareta Hi
[On a Clear Day]
Youki na Yopparai
[A Cheerful Drunk]
Kaze no Namiki Michi
[Breezy Tree-lined Street]
Kokoro ga Tabidatsu Toki
[When the Heart Departs]
Umi ni Naretara (Endingu)
[If I Could Be the Sea (Ending)]
Vocal by Yoko Sakamoto,
Rikako's voice actress

Characters & Voice Actors

Column HeadColumn Head
Morisaki, TakuTobita, Nobuo

Markovics, Tamás

Yang, Seok jeong
Muto, RikakoSakamoto, Youko

Bogdányi, Titanilla

Characters & Voice Actors

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General Information Edit
Name: Ocean Waves
Release Date: Jan. 1, 1993
Romaji: Umi ga Kikoeru
Release Date:
Rating: None
Runtime: 72 (mins)
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Aliases I Can Hear the Ocean
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