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Occult Academy is an anime series in the Occult Academy franchise
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Delivers occult parody well at the major cost of decent plotting. Reviewed by Dream on Sept. 28, 2010. Dream has written 157 reviews. His/her last review was for Parasyte -the maxim-. 317 out of 332 users recommend his reviews. 3 out of 3 users found this review helpful.
Whatever you think of Occult Academy when you get through its entire run will depend on what your expectations were when you first seen the series. If you think of it as a parody of various occult phenomena the show has fun poking fun of, then this is where you would get the most enjoyment out of the series. But if you were expecting a fleshed-out plot, then you will be greatly disappointed as the show haphazardly goes through its main plot of Abe and Maya's search for the Nostradamus Key. In my case unfortunately, its the latter. When it came to pushing along its storyline, Occult Academy did little to advance it in its first ten episodes where five of its ten episodes were more focused on developing its characters than delving into its main plot. If Occult Academy had been a two season series, the character development would have made for decent breaks from the show's main plot. But in this case, it caused the show to stall on developing its plot and to rush through its developments through the show's final three episodes where the main plot is abruptly looked into at the start of episode 11 and the episodes have a bad habit of pushing one reveal after another just about every moment or so, indicating that the pacing was rushed. The ending turns out to be ironic and a big cop-out considering how sudden and deus ex machina events occur. I also have to derail the show for trying to push along Abe and Maya as a potential pairing in the show's second half as the developments were unconvincing considering how there was little development of the pairing's relationship advancing to such a point, Abe not exactly being my favorite character due to his pathetic cowardice and how it took the presence of a machine that would be too advanced to exist in 1999 for Maya to go from beating around Abe for his cowardice to being nice to the guy.

If there is one thing that I would have to praise the series for though, it would have to be the visuals which was above average compared to much of what I've been exposed to for anime this past year. Occult Academy put enough color and detail into its character designs and backgrounds, as well as having some impressively animated fight scenes at points (episode 12 in particular). And if you want to get some laughs, the series does do decently well at poking fun of occult phenomena (ex: out of body experiences and chupacabras) and horror/ sci-fi movies (ex: Legion and Terminator) which you will see enough of throughout the show.

Unfortunately, it's too hard for me not to ignore the show's haphazard plot development which it has a bad habit of lagging in development with for most of the series until it rushes through developments and revelations in the final three episodes. If you want laughs, Occult Academy will do well at that provided you aren't looking for a plot to get decent development out of. Otherwise, steer clear of this series unless you want to be disappointed once you get past the show's first few episodes. 
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