Occult Academy Characters

Occult Academy is an anime series in the Occult Academy franchise
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Akari Okamoto

Akari Okamoto is a ghost girl who is summoner in Occult Academy instead of the late principle Kumashiro.

Ami Kuroki

Student at Waldenstein Acadamy and a childhood friend of Maya Kumashiro.


The younger self of Fumiaki Uchida, currently famous for bending spoons on television.

Chihiro Kawashima

Assistant principal at Waldstein Academy. Suspicious of Maya Kumashiro and her plans.

Fumiaki Uchida

A time traveler from 2012 who went back in time to 1999 to prevent the Nostradamus Prophecy from being fulfilled and stop aliens from taking over the world.


Student at the Waldstein Academy with a specialty in dowsing.

Kengo Okamoto

Kengo Okamoto is Akari's dad, and apparently he is to blame for her death.

Kozue Naruse

Student at Waldstein Academy, and friend to Maya Kumashiro and Ami Kuroki.

Maya Kumashiro

The headmaster of Waldstein Academy's daughter, Maya Kumashiro claims to hate the myths that her father loves.

Mikaze Nakagawa

Waitress at a small cafe in Fumiaki Uchida's neighborhood. Uchida and Nakagawa fall for each other shortly after meeting.


Mechanic at Occult Academy. Packs a mean punch.

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