Occasionally Even the Deceiver Is Deceived, Baby

Occasionally Even the Deceiver Is Deceived, Baby is an anime episode of Space☆Dandy that was released on 01/18/2014
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Space Dandy and the crew find a girl and monsters in unexpected places when they land on a strange planet.
— FUNimation

Plot Summary

Occasionally Even the Deceiver Is Deceived, Baby
RomajiDamashi Damasareru Koto mo Aru jan yo
TV Air Date
January 19, 2014
January 18, 2014
MangaCh. ? (Vol. ?)
Theme Music
Opening"Viva Namida"
Ending"Welcome to the X Dimension"
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End Card

After Dandy's latest attempt to fake a rare alien capture fails, the crew of the Aloha Oe find themselves with barely any money left, and the only food left is a bulk-discounted space food that QT found from "10,000 lightyears in the future." Dandy wants to go to Boobies anyway, and reveals that he has stashed a point card from his many trips to the place, but the free meal expires in 2.5 hours, so Dandy immediately runs to punch up the warp drive to get to the nearest Boobies.

While the warp drive takes too long to spin up, Dandy punches the button multiple times, but ends up crashing the system again and tears another hole in the space-time continuum. The Aloha Oe then crash-lands on a distant planet. With no way to get off, Dandy decides to walk on the planet's surface see if he can find another Boobies nearby.

The planet seems completely desolate at first, but Dandy runs into a sexy lady and tries to save her from ravenous beasts by shooting at them. However, Meow points out none of his laser shots actually hit anyone, so instead they run away, towards the lady's ship.

Meanwhile, Dr. Gel informs Commodore Perry that his fleet has located Dandy, and prepares to send a party down to the surface. However, his assistant Bea points out that his latest magazine has a list of "creatures you don't want to get eaten by," which causes Gel to order a full retreat. The #1 monster on that list, the "Deathgarian," is the girl on the planet.

Back on the planet, QT scrounges up some parts she needs and Dandy heads outside to see the giant monsters surrounding him. He tries to shoot the closest one but his gun is out of battery power, so QT convinces him to try his translator instead. The beasts turn out to be helpful in warning him to stay away from that girl, who transforms into a beast whenever she gets hungry.

Unfortunately, Meow is stuck on the lady's ship, when the lady mutters that she never had eaten cat before, and indeed transforms into a "giant boobie monster" just as Dandy and QT arrive to warn him. Meow gets eaten by the monster while Dandy and QT use a smaller detachable ship from the Aloha Oe to escape, but when QT reminds him that Meow had the Boobies point card, Dandy comes back and transforms the tiny ship into a giant mech.

After a long battle involving the use of the expired food as a weapon, Dandy defeats the alien and captures it for the office, who decide it is rare enough to pay Dandy 90,000 Woolongs, enough to eat at Boobies for a long time. QT asks Dandy if he hasn't forgotten anything, implying that Meow was digested by the monster with his point card.

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Yoshiyuki Ito Character Artist/Designer
Shingo Natsume Director Japanese Animator
Shinichiro Watanabe Director Anime director.
Yoko Kanno Music Yoko Kanno is a Japanese musical composer for anime and video games.
Hiroshi Hamasaki Storyboard


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