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Oblivious To Love is a anime/manga concept
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Bang Shishigami

Bang is a surviving ninja from Ikaruga and out to get revenge on Jin Kisaragi for killing his master and leaving Bang with a perminant "X" shaped scar on his face


Chen is the top of the Sun Ring women. She appears in the series Jyu-Oh-Sei.

Endou Mamoru

Inazuma Eleven: Endou is the Goalkeeper and Captain of Raimon Soccer Club.

Farnese Vandimion

She develop feeling for Guts which develops into love but he is oblivious to it.


Goku is one of the last members of the Saiyan race, sent to Earth as a baby and raised among humans. As a powerful martial artist, he defends Earth against the aliens who come to destroy it.

Gourry Gabriev

A dim but kind swordsman.

Gray Fullbuster

Gray is an ice mage in the Fairy Tail guild. He stays calm and collected most of the time and has a bad habit of unwittingly stripping in public.


Oblivious To Farnese Vandimion for Love him.

Hanayu Ashitaba

Hanayu Ashitaba,protagonist of the manga series Mixed Vegetables, is the daughter of world renowned pastry family, but dreams of becoming a Sushi Chef.


Hikari is a girl whom Takeru finds in the forest and falls in love with in the first episode.

Ichigo Kurosaki

Ichigo Kurosaki is the main character of the Manga Bleach. Having received Shinigami powers from Rukia Kuchiki, Ichigo takes it upon himself to protect souls from the evil Hollow.

Jinta Yadomi

The main protagonist in the series.


A tool in Joseph "Joker" Carpenter's scheme. Considered to a perfect I-Jin, this young boy is extremely reserved but fond of people who show him kindness.

Kenichi Shirahama

He is oblivious to Izumi Yuka love for him.

Kobato Hanato

Monkey D. Luffy

Monkey D. Luffy is the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates with the powers of the Gum-Gum Fruit. He has the dream of becoming the next King of the Pirates.

Mutou Ryuuji

Mutou Ryuuji is a strong infamous, in his university, young man and a member of the second Karate club. After seeing how weak Kohinata is and can't even protect his girlfriend, he become so disgusted and dragged him to the world of Karate to make him more manly.

Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto Uzumaki is a hyper-active ninja of the Hidden Leaf Village and a member of Team 7. Shortly after his birth, the Nine-Tailed Fox was sealed inside of him, but this was kept a secret from him for years. Still, he dreams to become the greatest ninja, the Hokage.

Oga Tatsumi

A strong fighter who becomes the earthly father of the Demon King's son, Beelzebub.

Riiko Izawa

Riiko Izawa is the protagonist in the main series Absolute Boyfriend by Yuu Watase.

Ruon Clones

Virtual love dolls that were originally "made from the original Ruon's soul". One of them got heavily involved with the real world and caused some peril.

Ruon Kamiyama

The original "Ruon" and episode four of "Mnemosyne's" antagonist.

Saki Morimi

Saki Morimi is a university student who stumbles upon a naked Akira Takizawa during her senior trip to Washington DC.

Sawako Kuronuma

Sawako is called Sadako by her classmates because of her resemblance of Sadako in the horror film "The Ring". But time comes he made friends with a boy named Kazehaya Shouta and because of Kazehaya her life change,she made friends and as she make friends she started liking Kazehaya.

Shi Woon Yi

Formerly a pushover, a coward and bullied all the time but after blackmailing his English teacher who was a martial artist to train him he's no longer the person he was, he become strong in mind and body. Now he is, temporally, the head of the Sun-Woo clan.


Shinobu, like her sister Mikoto, was raised to be a ninja by their mother, but she moved on to the path of the samurai. She's a clumsy girl who tends to get lost easily.


Suzu is the first girl Ikuto meets when he washes ashore their isolated island. She's popular among everyone. She was living alone until he moved in with her. She's a sweet and rather oblivious young girl.

Tamaki Suou

The melodramatic king of Ouran High School's one and only Host Club.

Taro Yamada

Comes from a poor family, although all his classmates think otherwise.

Tenma Tsukamoto

Tenma is the protagonist of School Rumble.


Third is the third in command of the Orche Ring. He appears in the anime Jyu-Oh-Sei.

Yachiyo Todoroki

Yachiyo is a waitress at the Wagnaria restaurant in the Working!! franchise.


A very determined 15 year old girl.


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