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The last recorded manga chapter of Nyan Koi, chapter 29, appeared in March of last year. Apparently, the mangaka Fujiwara Sato came down with a serious illness, and aside from the occasional blog post no one knew what the fate of her comic would be as she took her time to recover. Now a 4Koma featuring the characters of this story has appeared, and I guess this means that Nyan Koi! is back to a monthly manga title for the time being. No word on if this means there will be another season of the anime (probably would require another year or so worth of manga chapters to wring one out at the very least).
For those of you asking "what the fuck is Nyan Koi!?" and are too lazy to check the wiki entry, here's the summary: Ordinary High School Student accidentally pisses off Jizou, the God of All Cats, and gets drafted into helping cats with their problems as payment for breaking the cat statue. He is given the power to talk with cats and has to solve 100 of these little furballs' issues or he'll turn into a cat himself. The catch? He's allergic to cats, so this is essentially a death sentence if he fails.
Oh, and it's also a harem comedy with the players consisting of a pretty schoolgirl, a childhood friend, a tomboyish faux-Yakuza princess ( Yu Kobayashi makes this hysterical in the anime version), twin magical girls who seem to be playing out a different story, and maybe another one I can't remember at the moment. This is a guilty pleasure of mine. So there. Check it out if you are bored.
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