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A tall nurse who works for Menou

Aki Nijou

The school nurse and staff-advisor of Tenbi Gakuen. Has the largest breasts of the cast.

Aya Natsume

Aya is the younger sister of Shin Natsume, and Maya Natsume. And is deeply in love with Souichiro Nagi. Like her brother she also has the Dragon Eye.

Ayana Hizuki

The youngest of the two Hizuki siblings.


Eliza is Faust's first, only, and one true love. She was ill with a fatal disease since her childhood. As the only woman to care for Faust VIII, he, in return, slaved over his studies to find a cure for her.

Eri Harada

Eri Harada is a nurse in the Bible Black series.

General Chloe

One of Phantom Lady's mutates and enemy of Angel Blade.


Kaori is a nurse who works at the hospital in the Hidden Leaf Village.

Kiyomi Nagata

Konoka Konoe

Konoka is Asuna's best friend and grand daughter of Mahora Academy's head master. She's a sweet and motherly character who adores her childhood friend Setsuna. She specializes in healing magic.

Kotoko Aihara

Irie Naoki's wife.

Mako Yakumaru

She is a school nurse in yokai academy and she helped Yukari to grow bigger.

Mana Kazama

The main nurse of the Erotic hentai game Yakin Byoto 2, she appears in animated form for the first time in her own OVA.


Main character of Marine A Go-Go

Misa Amane

Misa is an actress/singer that came into possession of a Death Note. She developed a crush on Kira and devoted herself to his cause, even making a deal for Shimigami eyes (the ability to know anyone's name by looking at them) in exchange for half her lifespan.

Momiji Binboda

A God of Misfortune that always attempts to steal the Karma energies of Sakura Ichiko.

Nao Iihara

The female lead in Resort Boin

Remi Shinjyo

The head nurse in the first Night Shift Nurses series

Ren Nanase

One of the Main Nurses forced into Dr. Hirasaka's perverted experiments.

Rimi Kokorone

A member of the Atlantae division of Yomi and disciple of Ogata Isshinsai. She is deeply in love Ryuto Asamiya, her desire to be strong is because she believes he will love her back and despite his cold attitude toward her he is shown to cares about her.

Ritsuko Kunihiro

Satoko Isaki

Sayo Hitsugi

Sayo Hitsugi is a member of Team Ampoule Zero. She's a nurse who processes incredible strength and specializes in heavy weaponry.

Sayoko Uehara

Sayoko Uehara is the flirtatious nurse from Inaba who struggles with her frustrations of finding her purpose.

V Juri F

A nurse who runs a clinic in Sakurashin and also has her own TV show called the Juri Channel.

V Lila F

Juri's younger sister, who is an extremely talented magician. Lila became a yokai hunter and held resentment towards her sister, since Juri was studying to become a doctor, she stopped paying much attention to her, causing Lila to find new ways to try and get Juri away from her books.

Yasuyo Hashiguchi

Yuu Yagami

The main character of Night Shift Nurses Experiment.

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