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Nozomi Houjou is a anime/manga character
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The loving, caring bisexual lover of Karen, Nozomi Houjou is devastated that she can not fulfill Karen's dream of starting a family since she is a female. Trading her virginity to Prince in order for him to transform her into a male, she gives Karen the surprise of her life!


A caring, passionate bisexual female and the lover of Karen, Nozomi Houjou is devastated by the fact that her lover yearns to one day start a family together, but due to them both being female, they can never have a child together. Desperate to find a way to make Karen's dream a reality, Nozomi sets out to find a way to become a man, no matter what the cost may be. When her friend Hayate mentions to her about the man who used his "magical" sexual talents in order to cure her of her suffering, Nozomi makes her move to track down the Prince and become a man once and for all.


Nozomi Houjou was originally created by Yuuki Homura for use in the Pipiruma! franchise. Nozomi first appears in Pipiruma! Volume One.


Apart from being transformed by the magic of the Prince's sex with her into a man, Nozomi does not go through any major changes over the duration of the chapter she is involved in.

Nozomi Houjou's Involvement in the Pipiruma! Franchise (H-manga)

Pipiruma! Volume One

Chapter Three

As she walks with her beautiful girlfriend Karen around the city park, Nozomi Houjou and Karen come to a stop when they see two happy parents playing with their young child. Watching Karen look at the family with such interest, Houjou turns to face Karen and asks her if she too wants a child one day. Blushing slightly, Karen looks down and says "No, It's not possible for us...I've given up on that", which brings a strong feeling of both guilt and sadness to Houjou, who is unable to get Karen pregnant so they can have a child together since they are both females. Disappointed, Houjou slowly embraces Karen, determined to find a way to make her lover's wish of having a child one day become reality. It is at the local cafe the following day when Houjou spends time with her longtime friend Hayate when the one thing that could help her accomplish her mission to bring Karen's dream of having children together is revealed to her. Sitting together at a booth, Hayate begins telling Houjou about how she was healed both physically and mentally by some "magician" who used his unique sexual talents in order to rid her of her suffering. Interested, Houjou asks Hayate to tell her more about this "magician" who could potentially be the key to achieving her desire to become a real man. Thanking Hayate for her help, Houjou heads off in order to find the Prince, the man who helped heal Hayate with his "magical" sex.

Sitting down at one of the tables enjoying both his glass of water and the beautiful women who work at the maid cafe that his girlfriend Yui works at, the Prince's behavior (staring at her coworkers in their skimpy outfits) draws the ire of the annoyed Yui, who is slightly jealous that her boyfriend won't stop checking out other women. When she confronts him about being there only ordering glasses of water, he starts to tell her that there are plenty of empty seats for other patrons to sit down, but becomes distracted when one of her coworkers leans over and reveals her panties to him when her tiny skirt lifts up. Now infuriated by his perverted train of thought, Yui proceeds to beat some sense into the Prince by hitting him in the head with her fists. Cringing from the painful punches to the back of his head, the Prince leans forward in pain, clutching his sore head as Yui notices a new customer entering the cafe and turns her attention to the new patron. The patron in question is Houjou, who politely asks if Yui is "Sawamori Yui-san", since she is looking to talk to her boyfriend the Prince. Thinking that Houjou is just some transgender fool who seeks to steal away his beautiful girlfriend, the Prince stands up and grabs Yui, telling the surprised Houjou to lay off his girlfriend, claiming that he will never allow a transgender person to steal Yui away from him. After several exchanges, the situation is resolved, with Yui heading off to resume her duties at the cafe while the Prince and Houjou begin talking to each other. As they talk, Houjou reveals to the Prince that she has heard from Hayate that he can use magic to change things, and expresses her intent to have him use that magical power in order to transform her into a man. Interested, the Prince tells her that he can use magic, but it will require some sort of compensation from Houjou in return for him using his powers to transform her into a man. Confident, Houjou offers the Prince her virginity, hoping that it will be enough of a factor that will sway the Prince into making her wish come true. The deal struck between the two of them, both the Prince and Houjou depart from the cafe, with the curious Yui looking on in slightly confused as to what the two of them were discussing.

Pipiruma! (Chapter Three)
Pipiruma! (Chapter Three)

Once at the local hotel, the freshly showered Prince finds himself sitting on the edge of the bed, his mind pondering why would such a beautiful female with such a nice figure and ample breasts give it all up in order to become a man as he waits for Houjou to emerge from the bathroom. The bathroom door opens, and out comes Houjou, completely naked apart from the white bath towel that covers both of her breasts and genital region. Grinning slightly, the Prince tries to tell her that she does not need to force herself to do this, but Houjou interrupts him by pinning him down onto the bed, demanding that she desperately needs him to turn her into a man with his powers. Shaking his head, the Prince watches the towel slip off of her body, revealing her large breasts to him as he tells her "...and you such nice breasts, such a waste". Wanting her first and only time having sex as a woman to be as good as posible, the Prince makes his move, promising to "teach her the pleasures of a woman's body" as he begins toying with her breasts. Still somewhat apprehensive about having sex with a man she does not love, Houjou protests slightly when he begins making liberal use of his fingers and tongue upon her most sensitive regions, but as he continues to stimulate her, she gives into the passion and pleasure that is sweeping throughout her body. After several minutes, she reaches her first orgasm and is blown away by just how amazing sex can be as the Prince prepares to start the final act of the magical process that will turn Houjou into a man once and for all. Asking her one more time if she really wants to go through with this, since he will be unable to reverse the process once she has become a man, Houjou tells him yes, since this is the one thing that she craves most in order to make Karen's dream of having children together a reality.

Accepting her final approval, the Prince gives her the go-ahead as she slowly lowers herself onto his genitals, giving him her virginity as promised. For the next few minutes, they engage each other in wild, passionate sex as the two of them approach sexual climax together, the magic building within the Prince's body as he nears his limit. Lost in the lust and passion, Houjou loses all control of herself as the Prince tells her that he is about to unleash his powerful magic inside of her body. Ready to achieve her last orgasm as a woman and eager to become the man that Karen deserves, Houjou reaches her limit and as she achieves her second-ever orgasm, the Prince unloads his magical seed inside of her body. Her body exhausted from the wild sexual romp that she has just had with the Prince, Houjou lays down flat on his chest as she feels the warmth of his magic moving inside of her. The process of transformation from a female to a male now begins deep within her body. After several minutes, Houjou sits up and takes notice of her body, which has now become that of a thin-build male and now she can finally make Karen's dream of having a child together a reality. Excited by the success of the magic that the Prince used on her, Houjou jumps to his feet and grabs the hand of the annoyed Prince, thanking him for making her/his dream a reality as the Prince begins giving him a hard time about touching his hands moments after Houjou had been touching his new genitals. Houjou promises to never forget him for this favor before getting dressed and departing the hotel room, ready to reunite with his beloved Karen so that they can take the next step in their loving relationship. Pleased that the entire ordeal is over, the Prince cleans up and also departs the hotel as well.

The follow day, the Prince and Yui are enjoying each other's company at the cafe when to both of their surprise, the male Houjou and his girlfriend Karen enter the cafe to have a meal together. Perplexed and amazed at the same time, Yui comments that Houjou seems to have become "more handsome" than before, which causes the Prince's mind to slightly race with worry, since Yui does not yet know that he has magical abilities. Irritated by her remarks once the words sink in, the Prince gives Yui a hard time abou it, to which she promptly turns around and gives him hell for always chasing after girl's rear ends when she would never, ever dream of cheating on him. Realizing that perhaps Yui does not want him sleeping with other women any more, the Prince stares blankly at the table as he realizes that she loves him that much.

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Name: Nozomi Houjou
Gender: Other
1st manga book: Pipiruma! #1
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
Aliases Nozomi
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