Nozoki Ana Characters

Nozoki Ana is an manga series in the Nozoki Ana franchise
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Emiru Ikuno

Emiru Ikuno is the girl next door who has a peeping fetish in Nozoki Ana.

Komori Chisato

Komori Chisato

Madoka Watari

Madoka Watari is a first year at Suga Design in Nozoki Ana.

Makiko Terakado

Makiko is Kido's classmate in Nozoki Ana.

Mochitsuki Shirou

Mochitsuki Shirou is a first year at Suga Design in Nozoki Ana.

Nanami Nomiya

Nanami Nomiya is a girl that works with Kido at the convenience store.

Nao Kajiwara

Nao Kajiwara is a girl who works in a model agency.

Naruse Tamako

Naruse Tamako is Tatsu's friend.

Rie Ueda

Rie Ueda is a first year at Suga Design in Nozoki Ana.

Saki Asada

Saki Asada is Emiru's friend.

Seiji Miyahara

Seiji Miyahara is a guy who wants to steel Madoka from Kido.

Shouko Honnami

Shouko Honnami is the art teacher in Nozoki Ana.

Tatsuhiko Kido

Tatsuhiko Kido is an art student in Nozoki Ana.

Tomoki Ikuno

Tomoki Ikuno is Emiru's brother. Although they are not blood related.

Tsugumi Sagara

Tsugumi Sagara is a woman who is claiming to be Tsugumi Ikuno and Emiru's big sister.


Yoneyama is Kido's best friend in Nozoki Ana.

Yuri Kotobiki

Yuri Kotobiki is Kido's first girlfriend in Nozoki Ana.

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