Spring 2013 OVA Trailer: Nozoki Ana - Sexy Extended Edition

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Warning: This OVA is for adults only! I don't know why they show this on the spring season given the manga's graphic sex content. I guess the author and the staff decided to make into an ecchi series instead of a hentai series since the smut manga had all the naughty stuff censored. It contains a lot of masturbation since it's Emiru Ikuno's favorite thing.


Genre: Ecchi

Themes: Fan Service,

The story centers around Tatsuhiko Kido, a young man who moves from the countryside to Tokyo to attend a vocational school in spring. He discovers a tiny hole in a wall of his new room, and although he looks in from time to time, he sees nothing at first. However, one day, he spies a girl.

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Ecchi-fying a hentai usually never works out well. I think Princess Lover! was the only one that did OK IMO
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Since Princess Lover was a visual novel that has multiple routes due to being a harem, it can still have a plot. Most hentai series are mostly about sex and little plot. I haven't seen hentai manga that have a good, comedic story like Pisu Hame. Pisu Hame's H adaptation wasn't faithful to the anime. It didn't have those comedic scenes.

**************Don't read this Sonata if you don't want to get spoiled************

I heard lots of good things about Nozoki Ana manga series. It's like Velvet Kiss where you have the female character controlling the male character who hates her guts only to love her at the end. It's also like Glass no Megami because the main hero doesn't know who he truly loves. Expect a lot of emotional trauma.

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