Nox is a anime/manga character in the Wakfu franchise
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Nox is an insane Xelor who constantly craves wakfu.


Noximilien Coxen was a Xelor inventor and horologist who lived with his wife and three children peacefully.A loving father and husband, he was always eager to show his family new inventions that he would give to his children to play with. However, all was not well as he constantly lived in poverty, pleading with unfair debt collectors to take small amounts. Continuing to struggle in poverty, Nox was determined to make something of himself when one day his dog went missing in a nearby cave. Finding him in a nearby cave, Nox stumbles upon a treasure known as the Eliacube. Fascinated with the device, he stays in his workshop day after day, hoping to uncover the secrets it has as he becomes obsessed with the device; so much so to the point where his health crumbles and he loses sleep. When he leaves his workshop, he finds his home is abandoned and run down, discovering his wife left with his children and asked to come when he was ready. However, he was too late as his family died in a flood caused by the Ogre's Curse. Determined to fix his mistakes, he began to collect wakfu to power the Elicube in order to travel back in time.


Character Evolution

Major Story Arcs

The Boy in the Mist

Centuries after Nox found the Eliacube, a mysterious figure emerged from nothingness with a carriage as he walked through the cities alone. Using his network of bugs, Nox sends minions to test the man out as he has massive magical powers. Nox approaches the man himself, claiming that he craves wakfu, the life essence of the world, and that this person has a high amount. Hearing the name Grougaloragran, Nox realizes that he is a dragon and has a high amount of magical energy. Using his time magic to freeze him, Grougaloragran breaks out of the spell and burns Nox in an inferno.

Nearly twelve years later, Nox is seen draining the wakfu out of the Forbidden Forest which is near where Yugo, the boy Grougaloragran cared for, lives. Sensing the scent of the dragon on Yugo, Nox watched from the shadows as his bugs drained the life from the forest and how the forest attacked people as a result. When Amalia Sheran Sharm convinced the Great Oak to undo his damages, Nox emerges from his fortress as he freezes the group. He demands to know where the dragon is and threatens to kill him unless he tells him. However, Alibert breaks free of the hold and attacks Nox. Nox flees but due to his abilities as a Xelor, Alibert's body ages decades as Yugo leaves for Oma Island.

Search for Grougaloragran


General Information Edit
Name: Nox
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Wakfu #1
1st anime movie:
Aliases Noximilien Coxen
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Time Travel
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Time Manipulation
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