Now's the Time

Now's the Time is an anime episode of Kids on the Slope that was released on 05/24/2012

Now's the Time

Kaoru still feels down about Sentaro joining Seiji's rock band called The Olympus. Brother Jun is caught in a bad way, shattering the ideal image many people had of him. Ritsuko and Kaoru are nominated and elected as representatives on the festival committee. When it comes to the festival day, it's time for The Olympus to perform. Has Sentaro abandoned Kaoru and his jazz roots?

Plot Summary

Kaoru feels abandoned by Sentaro since Sentaro decided to help Seiji and his rock band. As Kaoru walks up the slope to school the next day, he notices that he feels sick, just like when he first walked up that slope. During lunchtime, Ritsuko offers Kaoru a rice ball to eat. Ristuko's friends notice that she has been on friendly terms with Kaoru lately. They ask her whether Ristuko is going steady with him. Ritsuko is embarrassed and says that's not it. Kaoru speaks up and says they're just friends. The girls are surprised and had always thought of Kaoru as unapproachable. They start talking with him by asking how he does so well on tests. After this, Kaoru notices that he doesn't feel sick anymore.

After school, Sentaro waits for Kaoru at the gate, but Kaoru ignores him. Sentaro heads over to Yamanoka's place that evening to practice in Seiji's band. It seems Seiji only wants to play songs that will get the most attention from the girls. It seems Sentaro is still having trouble coming to terms with Kaoru.

When Sentaro arrives home the next day he notices Ritsuko's father is wearing a black tie, he is in mourning for the death of John Coltrane (see point of interest no. 1). Then Sentaro sees that Yurika is in the shop. Sentaro says he'll play something for her. Just as they start heading downstairs, Sentaro is just about to kiss Yurika. However, they are interrupted by Brother Jun, who is coughing in the basement, and seems to be having a hangover. Yurika runs out of the shop in tears. Sentaro punches Brother Jun in frustration and leaves the shop just as Ritsuko comes home.

At school the next day, the class nominates and elects Kaoru and Ritsuko to represent their class on the festival committee. Kaoru and Ritsuko's first jobs is handing out and organizing forms and applications for clubs participating in the festival. Sentero and Kaoru are still not on speaking terms. As the festival draws nearing, Kaoru and Ritsuko become more and more busy, and the distance between Kaoru and Sentaro grows wider. Then, on the day of the festival Kaoru and Ritsuko sit in the audience in the gym for the various performances. When it's The Olympus's turn (the name of Seiji's band), the girls are all ecstatic. Kaoru walks out a few seconds into their performance, and finds Yurika outside. Yurika is sad for hurting Sentaro.

Just then, there is a technical difficulty and the performance stops. Seiji is in a tight spot, and Kaoru heads backstage to see if they can fix anything. A few upper year males heckle Seiji for not being able to do anything without electricity and accuses them of just wanted to show off their fancy electric guitars. Sentaro quiets them down with a few polite words, and Maruo comments how Sentaro is actually nice. Sentaro explains why he decided to help Seiji, and restates that he won't stay with the band because he is keeping his jazz partner waiting. Kaoru overhears this backstage and is happy.

People start leaving. Kaoru says he'll keep them occupied. He starts playing the piano. Sentaro jumps on. Soon enough they're jamming away like they used to (see point of interest no. 2), and everyone is listening and watching in amazement. It seems the whole school is gathering to listen. After their stunning performance, Yurika is the first to start clapping followed by resounding applause. Sentaro comes up to Kaoru, grabs his hand and starts running out the auditorium. As they are running on the slope, Kaoru notices how light he feels, like he's reborn and has wings on his feet.

Points of Interest

1. John Coltrane, famous jazz saxophonist and composer, died on July 17, 1967.

2. The duet that Kaoru and Sentaro play is an improvised medley based on the songs, My Favorite Things by , Someday My Prince Will Come and Moanin'.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Shinichiro Watanabe Director Anime director.
Shinichi Uehara Art Director Art Director for Phantom Quest Corp, Millennium Actress, The Tatami Galaxy, and other projects.
Yoko Kanno Music Yoko Kanno is a Japanese musical composer for anime and video games.
Kou Matsuo Storyboard An anime director.
Cindy Yamauchi Animation Director
Chiharu Sato Animation Director Supervision of the Piano performance


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