Now's Not the Time to be Thinking About That

Now's Not the Time to be Thinking About That is an anime episode of Eden of The East that was released on 05/07/2009

Now's Not the Time to be Thinking About That-Episode 5

Now's Not the Time to be Thinking About That (今、そんなこと考えてる場合じゃないのに) Ima, Sonna Koto Kangaeteru Baai Janai no ni

As Akira finds more clues about his past, Saki attempts to return to normalcy only to find herself going in a downward spiral. While more members of the Selecao watch over Akira's activities, ideas flood into his head about the best way to go about and save Japan. Things don't go so smoothly for everyone though as a problem emerges in the game.

Plot Summary

Opening Theme

Falling Down by Oasis

As morning arises on a new day, Kuroha Diana Shiratori wakes up in her lavish hotel room to start the day. She notices the dead body in her bathroom as she finds her phone, revealing herself to be Selecao Number XI. Kuroha tells Juiz to have a clean up crew dispose of the body as she heads in to work for the day. Meanwhile, Akira looks over the crater from the most recent missile attack as he angrily curses Mr. Outside and the whole game that they are forced into. As Akira wonders who the Supporter is, a random man attacks him as he curses him for leaving him in Dubai. However, the man thanks him as he leaves, making Akira wonder what happened.

Back at the theater, Akira asks Juiz about how the best way to win the game as she doesn't really know. He sarcastically states that there is no way to get the Prime Minister of Japan to say uncle. Juiz takes this as a request as Akira turns the television on to see the Prime Minister address a diet meeting by saying 'Uncle'. Kuroha is having a meeting with her new interns as she scolds them for being unattractive or dull. She notices the odd purchase made by Akira as she points out the other Selecao will no doubt notice it too. True to her suspicions, Selecao Number I picks up on this and that Akira's request only cost sixty yen.

Saki attempts to get her life back on track as she readies herself for an interview she has with a company that her brother-in-law used to work for. Before going, she thanks both him and her sister for their work as she is still upset over being stood up by Akira. Saki heads to her interview as she meets to Osugi who is also on his way to a new job. The two talk about how Hirasawa has job offers but prefer to be a NEET instead. At the interview, the CEO dejects Saki immediately as he asks her mundane questions that have nothing to do with the job. The group invites her to lunch where an employee spills ramen on her dress; which was a prank that the higher ups play as Saki overhears. As she leaves crushed, Akira offers her a ride as she goes with him. Osugi sees this as he is crushed since he and Saki were supposed to go out that night.

Saki vents to Akira about how the elders of the country push aside the youth and claim they are the best, overworking and treating youth cruelly. Her frustrations build more and more as Akira kisses her, telling her that everything will be okay as she has given him an idea of how to play the game to help save Japan. He gives her a ride to Mikuru's apartment as she tells her sister that she won't be home for a while, not wanting to shame them. Osugi goes with Kasuga to a restaurant that he planned to take Saki to and gets wasted, crying out about Saki and Akira betrayed him.

Osugi leaves the restaurant as he is stumbling around like a drunk idiot. Slumping to his knees, he tries not to throw up as he drops his bag. Down the alley, Kuroha notices the display, smiling as she approaches the hopeless Osugi.

Ending Theme

Futuristic Imagination by School Food Punishment

Characters & Voice Actors

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Chica Umino Character Artist/Designer The pen name of an anonymous Japanese Mangaka. She is most known for being the creator of the Honey and Clover series.
Satoko Morikawa Character Artist/Designer
Kenji Kamiyama Director Series creator and director
Shotaro Suga Writer
Kenji Kawai Music A Japanese composer known for his work in Mamoru Oshii's movies.
Satoru Nakamura Animation Director
Atsuko Sasaki Animation Director


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