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SyFy (I still keep pronouncing this "Siffy-tan" in my head) is adding a new show to its AniMonday line-up. Starting on November 23rd, the 8pm hour of Monster will be followed up by an hour of Now and Then, Here and There.

Not familiar with the show? That's not suprising: it's celebrating its 10th anniversary, having aired in 1999 in Japan. It was also originally a Central Park Media license, but in July ADV rescued the title. (As such, since the post-ADV companies haven't been dubbing anything, I'm inclined to guess that the SyFy airing will be of CPM's dub-- which should be decent; Lina Inverse voice actress Lisa Ortiz stars as Lala Ru.)

Right, then, how about the story? Here's the word directly from our database:

Middle school student Shu Maritani one day encounters a mysterious girl named Lala Ru on top of a smoke stack while on his way home from kendo practice. Lala Ru winds up being attacked by a group of soldiers and Shu is whisked away into an alternate world while attempting to save the girl. Now aboard the militiant airship known as Hellywood, Shu finds himself tortured and forced to join a military dictatorship that makes use of children as soldiers led by the crazed dictator, Hamdo.

Of course, this isn't the first time that the show has aired on SyFy (back when it was still Sci-Fi), but I never saw it, so I'm interested in taking a look, since it'll be so convenient. How about you guys-- those of you who have cable and access to SyFy, that is? And those of you who've already seen the show, be sure to chime in with your recommendation (or lack thereof)!

Thanks to user kwyrt for the tip!
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heh it's worth noting that Lala Ru spends most of the series as a mute so IMO it's Crispin Freeman as Tabool and Kayzie Rogers as Sara that make the dub of this series so good. This is one of my few 'must watch' series though know in advance that it tells a story about children being forced into a war that is depressing on a Grave of the Fireflies type of scale.
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(It can only be "Siffy". I don't know what they were thinking.)
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@Karasu: (I don't either. I'm still waiting for someone to draw me a Siffy-tan.)
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Definitely a worthwhile title to check out. It's storyline is brutal and intense exploring Shu's exposure to inhumane conditions in Hellywood's military dictatorship with torture, the use of children soldiers, the capture of civilians and monopolizing whatever limited supplies that are left of a vital life resource. Hellywood's leader, Hamdo, is one of the nuttiest characters I've seen in an anime having enough paranoia and a physical resemblance to Hitler to boot. The guy's ranked on the Craziest Anime Characters video I made a few weeks ago.
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Didn't they show it a few months back, couldn't really get into it
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@ThePsychoGamer: The series was aired months ago as gia mentions in the article.
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This is a must series though be warned if you had trouble watching Grave of the fire flies this is almost no different though i suppose its bitter sweet as oppose to Grave which is just plain depressing.
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I think it's awesome that SyFy (siffy-tan is a pretty cute name) is showing '90s series (even if it's from the end of the decade). Show a newer series and then something more seasoned. 
If only SyFy would fix my issue about the block not re-airing any time on SyFy or not being listed on SyFy's On Demand selection.
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Now and Then, Here and There is the most emotional engaging anime series I was ever lucky enough to watch. With it's amazing directing (Akitaro Daichi famous for directing Fruits Basket and Kodacha), and incredible writing (Hideyuki Kurata, famouse for writing Excel Saga, Bamboo Blade, and both the ROD OVA and TV series) this is a series that deserves a place in any anime fan's top ten spot. Don't let it's happy-go-lucky first episode or it's director or writer trick you into thinking this is a comedy or easy-going slice of life show. This is a dark, disturbing, and violent sci-fi/drama. It can become very diffucult to watch, but I will bet you if you can find the power to watch it all, you will thank me. This is truly one of the best anime series ever created.    
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