Slayers Special #2 - Notorious

is a manga book published by Kodansha that was released on

Plot Summary

Lina and Naga are back and pandemonium is sure to follow. Join them as they take on Ninjas, clones and lovesick fanboys in a fantasy world gone mad.

Table Of Content

Episode 7: Matchmaker Lina?

Episode 8: Lina's Secret Operation

Episode 9: The Ninjas' New Jobs

Episode 10: Opposites Repel!

Episode 11: Blade Of Revenge

Episode 12: Will The Real Lina Inverse Please Stand Up!?

Episode 13: Bandits And Beauties and Maids, Oh My! (Part One)

Episode 14: Bandits And Beauties and Maids, Oh My! (Part Two)

Spells Use

Lina InverseFireball
Tremor Blast
Burst Rondo
Dale Brando
Bomb Diwyn
Naga The SerpentBomb Diwyn
Freeze Arrow
Mega Brando
Tremor Blast
Fake Lina InverseFireball
Lina SanverseFlare Arrow


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Rui Araizumi other,
Hajime Kanzaka writer,
Tommy Ohtsuka artist,


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