Nothing Venture Nothing Win

Nothing Venture Nothing Win is an anime episode of Hanasaku Iroha that was released on 05/08/2011

Plot Summary

Ohana gets her first monthly payment of a small 20 000 Yen for working at the Kissuiso. Despite this seemingly low amount, Ohana is more than happy because she is being rewarded for her hard work.

Takako wants them to try new work clothes
Takako wants them to try new work clothes

The Kissuiso is visited by a female management consultant named Takako Kawajiri. It seems that Takako is friends with Enishi, as Enishi rallies the staff to hear what suggestions Takako has for them. Takako says that the Kissuiso is old-fashioned and if it wants to keep itself from closing down, they must find something new and take risks! Her motto, "Nothing adventure, nothing win!" She proceeds to show the waitresses (Nako, Ohana and Tomoe) some new and more more provocative work clothes, to replace their old traditional waitress clothes.

The new clothes from Takako actually gives off the wrong impression to customers, and results in embarrassment for both the staff and customers. Sui quickly dismisses Takako, telling her she isn't needed. We learn that Enishi is actually the one who insists on having Takako come every month. Enishi is very concerned for the Kissuiso, and is always preaching new ideas to Sui.

Beanman overhears Sui's reaction
Beanman overhears Sui's reaction

Ohana is approached by Denroku (a.k.a. Beanman), and is taken to a secret room where old beautiful work clothes, designed and made by Sui herself, are hanged. Ohana and Nako proceed to try on a matching pair, and continue working at the . The effect is almost instantaneous, as both the staff and customers are impressed with the new yet traditional wear. One long-time customer even remarks to Sui, "Didn't you make these clothes when you were, 'Trying to find something new?'" Sui is slightly embarrassed, and still seems not to worry too much about the future of the , saying that, "we've been declining for a while now, I've gotten used to it."

Enishi on the phone
Enishi on the phone

Minko catches Tooru looking at Nako and Ohana in their sexy work clothes. Later at night, Ohana is talking to Minko. Ohana says that Minko should try doing something new and maybe cosplaying with her and Nako. Ohana adds that Tooru would like that. Minko promptly tells Ohano to die and calls her a balut. Ohana, then thinking to herself, wonders how she can keep working and also help keep the Kissuiso in business. After all, she won't have anywhere to go if it closes down.

Even though it doesn't seem like Ohana's efforts are rewarded, and sometimes results in failure, she will continue doing something because something is better than nothing.

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