Northern Italy

Northern Italy is a anime/manga character in the Hetalia Axis Powers franchise
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A character that represents Northern Italy during the second World War. He usually sings the ending song in the anime.


When Italy was young, he lived in a big house called The Roman Empire. However, he was taken to live and travel with his Grandpa Rome. Italy had developed very good drawing skills and enjoyed singing with his Grandpa. His grandpa was very proud of him. However, Italy later saw his grandpa's empire dissolve, he had to go back to his older brothers, Romano, France, and Spain. Sadly for him, his brothers had become jerks. Save for Spain who actually warns him to be careful while Romano hates him, and France wants Italy to be a French territory.

Later, Italy was conquered by Austria and lived in his house for a while. He was a servant of Austria's and while treated strictly, loved listening to Austria play the piano. Holy Roman Empire also lived in Austria's house at the time and was revealed to have a huge crush on Italy believing him to be a girl. Of course, HRE being awkward could only show his affection by demanding that Italy be a part of the Holy Roman Empire. As Austria faced trouble and was ultimately abandoned, HRE decided to go to war. He makes one last attempt to get Italy to join him, but Italy declines because of what happened to Grandpa Rome. HRE leaves him with tears in both children's eyes as he goes to war.

Spain then invades Austria after the country was invaded by Prussia because of the country's current weakness. Spain says his reason for it is because he wants Italy to live with him and Romano again. However, his efforts prove to be in vain as in the end, Italy chooses to stay with Austria instead of living with Spain. Much later, Italy is seen hiding in a tomato crate in WWI where Germany finds him. He then joins Japan and Germany, and they become the Axis Powers.

Country Information

[Official Name]: Repubblica Italiana
[Capital]: Rome
[Official Language]: Italian
[National Flower]: Daisy


Italy is an irresponsible crybaby who is also cheerful and energetic. He spaces out a lot and may touch other people a little too much (volume one). It is said that his habitual "ve!" sounds is an unexplained physiological phenomenon, but it is probably because in some Italian regions, you can hear "be" sounds, which is an abbreviation of "bene", which means "good". Italy is uncomfortable with the idea of public nudity. He has a habit of walking around naked in public. It has escalated to a point where Switzerland will attempt to shoot Italy on sight when he sees him streaking in his territory. Italy can be rather stupid. For example, he once threw the grenade's pin instead of the actual grenade itself and put the grenade in his mouth during a training session with Germany.


His hobbies are art, design, cooking, and taking siestas (naps?) (volume one). He also loves drawing, singing, and designing clothes (volume two). Italy is shown to love pasta. A lot. He is also shown to like pizza, girls (especially if they're pretty), and cheese. He also tends to flirt with girls and unintentionally insult people.

Relationships with other Countries

 Austria is radiant
 Austria is radiant
After the fall of Ancient Rome, Austria seized control of young Italy and raised him with Hungary in Holy Roman Empire's house. Austria had mistaken Italy for a girl at the time, but when he and Hungary heard Italy singing, his voice had matured in that instant and become deeper. He then buys boys' clothing for Italy later. When Italy was captured by Spain in the Spain-Austrian war, he had a choice between reuniting with Spain and Romano or going back to live Austria, and Italy chose the latter almost immediately.




The two countries got along well when they were younger; France would often defend Italy from Holy Roman Empire's bullying. However, after Italy returned from traveling with Ancient Rome, France only cared about making him part of French territory. They are still friendly towards each other, as Italy addresses him as "big brother France" and visits him, while France never intentionally hurts him. The latter being demonstrated when England wants to start nasty rumors about Italy, and France protests strongly saying, "Why would you do that?! Italy is a good guy! He did nothing wrong!"


Dammit, Italy...
Dammit, Italy...

Italy was found hiding in a tomato crate by Germany in WW1. Italy begged for his life while Germany pondered whether this really was a descendant of Ancient Rome, the country that was his hero. Germany took Italy as a prisoner, and then an ally. Italy is very affectionate towards Germany, and often irritates him. He is always trying his best for Germany as a soldier, but he usually fails because of mass producing white flags and throwing the pin instead of the grenade. Despite the two being extremely different; they are actually very close.

Holy Roman Empire

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Another character that had mistaken Italy for a girl when he was younger, Holy Roman Empire had a huge crush on Italy and would always chase him around. He usually did this because he demanded that Italy become part of the Holy Roman Empire. However, Italy refused. It was later revealed that Italy refused because, "Grandfather Rome was a big empire too! He always fought, had these scars on his back, and looked so sad! I don't want what happened to him to happen to you too!" Holy Roman Empire's heart breaks, and he leaves for war after he kisses Italy and promises that he'll return.


Hello, I'm Japan.
Hello, I'm Japan.

Italy often bothers Japan with his public nudity and other "shameless" aspects of his behavior. Especially when Italy greets him by hugging and kissing him, Japan orders him to "take responsibility" and marry him. They share a mutual respect for each others' artwork and history, and are actually good friends. Because of Italy's horrifying driving skills, Japan was inspired to invent safer cars while trembling in terror after Italy finally parked the car.


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It was revealed that the two knew each other when they were younger in the While You Were Gone Webcomic Strip. Both countries were partitioned at the time and talked about their dreams to become independent. Lithuania even notes that while Poland is usually very shy, he becomes very warm and friendly almost instantly around Italy. Poland even suggests that Italy make an ejectable seat in Germany's Kübelwagen because he had designed something similar before (ejectable seat in an airplane, which, by the way, backfires on him).  

South Italy

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They both grew up never seeing each other in person, but knowing that the other existed. He was left behind when Italy went off to travel with their grandfather. South Italy bullied him when he eventually came back. They become separated again when Austria seizes their territory in the Italian war, and South Italy was sent to live with Spain because he was too troublesome. In present time, South Italy couldn't care less about Italy, even though his younger brother is very excited to see him again. It is later revealed that when they were younger, South Italy was jealous of Italy because his younger brother was skillful in both art and cleaning, traits he may have inherited from their grandfather, while he is not skillful in either. Despite his obvious dislike of Italy, he also appears to have some subconscious caring for him, but it disappears as soon as Italy irritates him (which happens often). To avoid confusion, South Italy addresses North Italy as "Veneziano" and everyone else addresses South Italy as "Romano".

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Daisuke Namikawa
General Information Edit
Name: Northern Italy
Name: イタリア
Romanji: Itaria
Gender: Male
Birthday: 03/17/1861
1st manga book: Hetalia Axis Powers #1
1st anime episode: Hetalia: Axis Powers #1
1st anime movie: Axis Powers Hetalia: Paint It White!
Aliases Italy
Feliciano Vargas
Repubblica Italiana
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Attractive Male
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