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North Blue is a anime/manga location
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Basil Hawkins

Basil Hawkins is a pirate captain and one of the Eleven Supernovas. His Devil Fruit powers allow him near immortality through voodoo.


Bellamy is the captain of the Bellamy Pirates, who ate the Spring-Spring Fruit. This gives him the ability to change his body into springs.

Montblanc Cricket

Montblanc Cricket is the descendant of Montblanc Norland, the famous explorer and supposed liar who lied about a city of gold on Jaya. As a pirate he washed upon Jaya by chance and has remained ever since to find the Lost City of Gold that his ancestor Norland spoke of.

Montblanc Noland

Montblanc Noland is the man who discovered the City of Gold, Shandoria. When the island couldn't be found again he went to his death as a liar and became an example to all in the North Blue as a liar, as seen in the Norland: King of Liars book.

Saint Don Quixote Homing

Saint Don Quixote Homing is the father of Doflamingo and Rocinante. He was once a Celestial Dragon who left the world nobles to live among the common people.


Sanji is the Chef of the Straw Hat Pirates. He's a chivalrous fighter who loves women to an almost extreme degree. A top of the line chef who will never use his hands in a fight.


Sarquiss is the right hand of Bellamy of the Bellamy Pirates.

Trafalgar Law

Trafalgar Law is a Modification Man who ate the Op-Op Fruit, and the captain of the Heart Pirates. He was one of The Eleven Supernovas who later joined the Seven Warlords.

X. Drake

X. Drake is a former Marine Rear Admiral turned Pirate. He is known as one of the Eleven Supernovas. He also has the ability to turn into a dinosaur.

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