Norland: King of Liars (book)

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"Norland: King of Liars" is a book published in the North Blue. It's a children's picture book about Montblanc Norland, a once promenant explorer who "lied" to the king of his home island about a city of gold he found. It depicts his tale and eventual execution for "lying".


The popular children's book that tells the tale of the unfortunate Montblanc Norland who "claims" to find a city of gold and dares lie to the king of his home island on the seas of North Blue about it. He is sentenced to death for his lies and claims to those attending his execution that he was indeed telling the truth. It was written as a example to children of what becomes of those who lie to others about what they saw.


Norland: King of Liars was originally created by Eiichiro Oda for use in the One Piece manga franchise. The book first appears in both One Piece: Volume 24 and in One Piece: Episode 148.


Norland: King of Liars

"A story over four hundred years ago...

In a certain country in the northern seas,

there was a man named Montblanc Noland.

Noland the Explorer's stories were always grand adventures that sounded like lies.

But the people of the village could never tell if they were true or not.

One time, Noland went on an expedition,

and came back to report to the king.

"I saw a mountain of gold on an island across the great seas."

To see for himself, the brave king took two thousand warriors

and crossed the great seas in his ship.

He fought powerful storms and huge sea monsters.

Finally, the king, Noland, and one hundred soldiers landed on the island.

But what they found there was nothing but jungle.

Noland was sentenced to death for his lies.

These were his last words.

"That's it! The mountain of gold sank into the ocean!!!" The king and the others were shocked.

Nobody believed Noland anymore, but he never stopped lying until he was dead."

General Information Edit
Thing Name Norland: King of Liars (book)
Japanese Name: うそつきノーランド
Romaji Name: usotsuki nōrando
1st manga book: One Piece #24
1st anime episode: One Piece #148
1st anime movie:
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