Nope, You Can't Win

Nope, You Can't Win is an anime episode of Is this a Zombie? of the Dead that was released on 05/10/2012

Dai calls Ayumu and gives him the good news that Mystletainn is almost fully recovered. Ayumu jumps with joy as he can erase everyone's memory of seeing him dressed as a Masou Shoujo. Meanwhile, Ayumu and his gang get ready for the cultural festival until some Megalos and a weird stranger appear.

Will Ayumu beat these guys with his reputation intact?

Plot Summary

Taeko and Ayumu have a blushing moment together
Taeko and Ayumu have a blushing moment together

At Dai's place, she calls Ayumu while bathing in the bathtub. She informs him about Mystletainn who is almost finish recovering. Running down the stairs, Ayumu reports the good news to Haruna as they dance around. Meanwhile, a mysterious figure with a ponytail appears in front of Ayumu's house. In Ayumu's class, Haruna goes over the culture festival; Ayumu explains that she is in charge due to Yuki and Orito's influence. Then, Ayumu proposes a haunted cafe but thinks it is a a bad idea. Haruna corrects him and tells everyone that it's a great idea with everyone supporting it. Back at Ayumu's home, Haruna is busy working with Eucliwood on the carnival's preparations. On the way to school, Ayumu encounters a strange guy who spouts blood from his mouth. He seems ill, but his explanations are bizarre. He hands Ayumu a golden ring without any instruction or reason why. At school, Kanami asks Orito about Dracula's cape, yet Orito seems interested in Kanami's breasts. Taeko brings some centipede props for the signboard that Ayumu is working on. Orito pokes Kanami and asks her if she is wearing a bra. Kanami tells him that she is wearing a bra top. Somewhere in school, Ayumu tells Chris about how excited he is for the festival and Mysteltainn's recovery. Chris talks about the feeling of being saved by a comrade and when she guzzles down a wine bottle, her personality changes. Later that day, Ayumu and Taeko work on the signboard where Ayumu lets Taeko work with him. When night falls, Taeko and Ayumu's hands touch each other as they try to fix the centipede part.

Bride Ayumu holds Yuki
Bride Ayumu holds Yuki

On the way home, the two have a conversation. Ayumu gets happy, and two women gossip about the two students. At Ayumu's home, Mysteltainn arrives in a flashy manner. Ayumu wields the chainsaw proudly because he can now erase everyone's memories of seeing Ayumu's cross dressing dress. With the night over, Ayumu greets everyone good morning with such great enthusiasm. Yet, he still cross dresses at school when Orito has him try out a Dracula's bride outfit. Orito thinks his legs look familar while Taeko compliments on his legs. Through the hallways, Ayumu marches with feelings of shame to Haruna's booth. Over there, Haruna shows off her swimsuit, and when Haruna plays the curse song, everyone suffers except Eucliwood. Behind the school, Yuki asks Ayumu to read a strange letter, and she has something important to tell him. Yuki states she will never look at another man with a blushed face. She struggles to confess her feelings, and she steps backwards and presses a button on a tree. This unleashes a Megalo. Meanwhile, Eucliwood and Seraphim advertise in bunny suits, and Haruna finishes making something. Back to Ayumu, the same stranger comes to him while the Megalo counts down the self destruct sequence. Ayumu hurries and makes Yuki wear the golden ring. The stranger announces that the Masou ring will prevent Yuki from turning into a weapon. When Yuki wakes up, she looks at the ring as a wedding ring. She misunderstands the situation and runs away from Ayumu since this is not a good time to kiss. Haruna arrives to call Ayumu to take care of Megalo.

Haruna & Ayumu: "Kick!"
Haruna & Ayumu: "Kick!"

At a booth, a perverted raccoon Megalo and a gorilla terrorizes two girls when the raccoon asks the girls about their bra size. Haruna and Ayumu quickly changes in their Masou Shojo outfit. When Haruna asks the raccoon, he ignores her due to her non-existent breasts. The raccoon cannot fire at Haruna due to his small fingers, and Ayumu and Haruna finish off the monster with their "kick." On the top of the building, Sarasvati and Seraphim make some observations while Haruna suffers from a headache. Chris notices Ayumu and Haruna before she leaves.


  • Japanese Name: "Chaunen, Kateteten" (ちゃうねん、勝てててん)
  • Opening Theme: "***Passionate" by Iori Nomizu
  • Ending Theme: "Koi no Beginner Nan Desu (T_T)" ("I Am a Love Beginner") by Rie Yamaguchi

Points of Interest

  • A song plays around 9:23 minutes in the show where Ayumu and Taeko work on the signboard.
  • The same women who gossip about Yuki and Ayumu make another appearance. They gossip about Ayumu and Taeko.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Takaomi Kanasaki Director Takaomi Kanasaki is a Japanese anime director and storyboard artist.
Shinji Kakijima Music Composer.


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