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The Noo are ancient beings akin to devils that are causing chaos throughout the galaxy in the Space Captain Harlock The Endless Odyssey series.

 The body of a person recently possessed by the Noo.
 The body of a person recently possessed by the Noo.
The Noo are a race of formless aliens who been around since the dawn of time and thrive off of chaos and destruction.  They have telepathic abilities and manipulate people using fear as a weapon.  Once a person is under their influence, they lose all self-control and are bound to do whatever the Noo desires.  This condition usually appears like madness or insanity.  When a person is fully possessed by the Noo they have a zombie-like appearance but over the course 
A Noo in its mud form. 
A Noo in its mud form. 
of time they gain a mud-like look and the ability to shift their shape at will.  The length of time required for this transformation is unknown, as the only person to show this ability had been possessed for over 100,000 year while every other character in the series was possessed for mere weeks. 
Captain Harlock resisting the Noo's influence. 
Captain Harlock resisting the Noo's influence. 
According to the series, Captain Harlock and his crew are the first humans with the mental fortitude and conviction to resist the Noo, which deeply frightens them and causes their host body to reject them.
General Information Edit
Concept Name Noo
Japanese Name: ヌー
Romaji Name: Nuu
Aliases Nuu
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Space Pirate Captain Harlock: The Endless Odyssey #1
1st anime movie:
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