Nono is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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Nono is Setsuno's disciple.


Nono is the one and only disciple of Gourmet Living National Treasure Setsuno, despite Setsuno having millions of underlings. It can be assumed that Nono's talent is incredible to have such favor by Setsuno.


Nono is a secondary protagonist created by Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi for the series Toriko.


Nono has had few brief appearances in Toriko. Any evolution she may have had thus far been miniscule.


Nono is a young woman with an average build and rather short height, but still taller than the likes of Setsuno. She has a kind face, short aqua hair and is always seen wearing her pink apron and bandana.


Nono has always been very quiet and rarely speaks, even when receiving a compliment from President Ichiryuu. She has shown curiosity and admiration of Chef Komatsu.


  • Setsuno - Setsuno has been shown to be a sort of Grandmother figure to Nono as well as her teacher. Being the only apprentice to Setsuno who is arguably the greatest chef alive currently, it can be assumed that the two have a good relationship.
  • Komatsu - Initially Nono had clear respect and interest in Komatsu as a chef. But later she shows signs of shy romantic interest, however Komatsu has thus far been oblivious.

Story Arcs

Madam Fish Arc

Nono made a very brief appearnce in this arc. She was with her Master Setsuno and together they prepared dishes for President Ichiryuu, who was eating tremendous amounts to prepare for his battle against the Bishokukai Boss Midora. She received compliments from Ichiryuu but remained silent.

Four Beast Arc

Nono accompanied Setsuno to the Center of Human world during the invasion of the Four Beast. When Chef Komatsu was creating a solution to shorten the time needed to prepare the Purple Mochi (an antidote for the poison that the Four Beast had spread across the Human World), Nono was the only one who watched him do it. Once the technique was created in an unbelievable ten minutes, Nono presumably assisted in preparing as many as possible. over 100,000,000 people were saved by the Purple Mochi.

Cooking Festival Arc

Another brief appearance from Nono towards the end of this arc. After the battle at Cooking festival between the IGO, Bishokukai and NEO, Nono along with her Master Setsuno, and many other of the greatest chefs such as Brunch, Yuda and Wabutora, visit an Ice Mountain that Nono had created. Within the mountain were giant quantities of food that Nono and her master had gathered beforehand in anticipation of the global food crisis induced by Midora. The ingredients were for the purpose of being distributed to the hungry populace of the world.

Billion Bird Arc

Nono was seen after the Billion Bird had hatched and became the primary source of wood for the world. She meets with Komatsu who had actually come to see Setsuno before he left for the Gourmet World. But Setsuno had already left for the Gourmet World herself. As Komatsu was about to leave, Nono asked him if he would care for a meal before he left, to which Komatsu said he would be honored to have a meal from the disciple of Setsuno. But Nono said it was an honor for her to cook for someone like Chef Komatsu.

Powers & Abilities


  • Ice Manipulation - Presumably stemming from Gourmet Cells, Nono has the ability to manipulate ice. She can instantly freeze objects such as food ingredients to preserve their freshness. The scale of the ability is large. She was able to create a small mountain of ice with numerous preserved ingredients inside, estimated to be at least five-hundred meters tall. An even greater feat would be Nono freezing Pot Pond, which despite being called a pond is actually as large as some small lakes, being 25 cubic kilometers in volume.


  • Chef Skill - Although her skills have not directly shown yet, Nono is the only disciple that National Treasure Setsuno has accepted, the latter having the longest overall reign as the highest ranked Chef in the World. Also President Ichiryuu complimented Nono on her skill, the former having experienced some of the highest quality ingredients in the world, likely even more so than Setsuno. Thus it can be assumed that Nono's skill as a Chef is amazing.
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Name: Nono
Gender: Female
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Toriko #94
1st anime movie:
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Ice Control
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