Noloty Maruchie

Noloty Maruchie is a anime/manga character in the Tatakau Shisho franchise
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Apprentice Armed Librarian with a strong punch and a strong sense of justice, but refuses to kill anyone.

Noloty is the princess of a tiny island nation known mostly for tilling the soil and little else. However, she was given a chance to display her sense of "justice" to the whole world when she was accepted as a trainee within the Armed Librarians. She strongly believes in not killing anyone, and is convinced that everyone can be saved if given the chance.

Saving Zatoh/Enlike

Noloty was stuck doing menial tasks around the Bantorra Library for a while until she travelled to the town of [citation needed], where she encountered a man with white hair who was willing to let anyone punch him around for a fee. After watching the spectacle of the fight, Hamyuts volunteered her for the next slot, and she threw such a strong punch it almost knocked the man over. She begged him to join the Armed Librarians with her after that fight, but the man refused. However, she continued pursuing him after Hamyuts told her to do it as a special mission for her, to "save Zatoh Rondohoon."
She continuously followed Zatoh around the city, trying to convince him to stop trying to kill himself and join the Armed Librarians. Noloty listened as Zatoh revealed something about his past, including the fact that he was actually a magician named Enlike. However, things got difficult when Zatoh turned out to be the masked magician who had attacked Bantorra Library before, and that Enlike was merely one of the many books he had "eaten" and stolen powers from. Even so, Noloty didn't give up, and neither did she drop her "no killing" philosophy. She fought with Zatoh until Enlike was able to wrest control of Zatoh's body away from him.
Since that day, Enlike joined Noloty as an unofficial Armed Librarian in Zatoh's body, and the two of them grew close through their chats and various training sessions together.

Who killed Noloty Maruchie?

Recently, Enlike has been following the trail of Noloty after receiving her book from the current incarnation of Lascall Othello. In her final memories, she was sent on a mission to stop a man named Arkit Chloma from releasing a biological superweapon called "Cerulean Death" that caused anyone infected to go insane and die. She managed to stop Arkit from releasing the virus into the water supply, and was shocked to find that Arkit was just a little boy, but even more bewildered that Arkit was so obsessed with killing all the Armed Librarians. Even so, Noloty tagged along with Arkit, doing everything she could to convince the boy to turn away from his path of vengeance without killing him or herself.
Eventually, when camping out one night with Arkit, she met the Governor of Paradise, the ruler of the Church of Drowning in God's Grace. The Governor offered to surrender himself and the Church to her, on the condition that she kill Arkit for him.
It is currently unknown what happened after that, but what is known is that she was killed, possibly by a man with a short sword. Sometime after that, every single nation in the world declared war on the Library for no apparent reason. However, when any attacker was questioned as to why, they would only answer that Noloty was dead, and that all Armed Librarians should die.
Voiced by
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Haruka Tomatsu
General Information Edit
Name: Noloty Maruchie
Name: ノロティ=マルチェ
Romanji: Noroti Maruche
Gender: Female
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: The Book of Bantorra #1
1st anime movie:
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