Nojiko is a anime/manga character in the One Piece franchise
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Nojiko is the tattooed bad-girl of Cocoyashi, and older sister to Nami. Both are the adopted daughters of Belle-mère.

Nojiko is a war orphan the same as Nami. As a very young child she found an infant Nami alone and giggling. She carried her among the rubble and were found by the Marine, Bellemere. She took in both girls and wished to raise them as their mother.

Bellemere didn't have much money as a mikan farmer, but she tried her best with the girls. She would fight with Nami when she complained about wishing she was born in a rich family. Nojiko, even at such a young age, would try and keep the peace between Bellemere and Nami.

The Arlong Pirates eventually came into town and demanded everyone pay them 100,000 beli per adult and 50,000 per child. Any who couldn't pay would be killed. Arlong's gang were about ready to leave when one of his crew noticed Bellemere's house on the outskirts of the town. The girls tried to run home and warn their mother, but were held back in hiding by the town doctor. Both could only watch as Arlong defeated Bellemere. Genzo, the village officer, attempted to assist her by making it appear she lived alone, because even with emergency money she could only gather 100,000 beri. It was enough for her, but this would mean Nami and Nojiko would have to leave and never return. Nojiko was heartbroken, but prepared to leave.

Bellemere agreed to pay, but for her two daughters. She loved being a mother too much to ever deny the girls. Both girls freed themselves from the doctor and ran to their mother crying. Bellemere apologized to them both for not being able to do more for them. Arlong took the money for the girls. Bellemere told her girls to always remember to smile, because good things will eventually happen for them. With these last words Arlong murder their adopted mother with them watching.

Upon further inspection of their home one of Arlong's fishmen discovered Nami's maps. Impressed with the quality they snatched Nami up and took her with them. Nojiko could only watch as the village people fought to rescue Nami, but they were easily defeated. Genzo suffered terrible slices all over his body.

Nami walked back into the village, and told everyone she had joined Arlong, showing the the tattoo and money Arlong could give her. Nojiko jumped Nami for caring more about money they their murdered mother and the village. Genzo told Nami to leave the village and never return.

Later at Bellemere's grave Nami shared with Nojiko alone the deal she made with Arlong. If she continued to make maps for him, and could get 100,000,000 beri. Arlong promised to free the village. She knew she couldn't earn the money so she would have to steal it. Nojiko stayed in their childhood home to tend to the mikan grove, and let Nami hide her spoils in the grove for safe keeping.

Being tattooed with the symbol of their mother's murderer caused Nami great pain. Nojiko would witness her sister crying over having to suffer the humiliation of it. One day when Nami returned from an excursion. Nojiko had gotten many elaborate, heart designed tattoos that stretched from her right arm to across her chest. She told Nami, "Now we're the same.".

Sister's Return


Nojiko was the only person Nami told about the deal she made with Arlong. Nojiko stayed in their home to look after the mikan groves. Seeing the pain that Nami suffered from being tattooed with Arlong symbol inspired her to be tattooed as well so Nami wouldn't feel so alone.

Her personality can be rough like Nami. She has no trouble picking fights and cares little of what others think of her.

Hair : Violet (short)

Distinguishing Marks: tribal/heart shape tattoos, purple (right arm to chest)

Favorites: Mikans (mandarin oranges)

Occupation: Mikan Farmer

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Wakana Yamazaki
Tiffany Grant
General Information Edit
Name: Nojiko
Name: ノジコ
Romanji: nojiko
Gender: Female
1st manga book: One Piece #8
1st anime episode: One Piece #31
1st anime movie:
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