Noise Marie

Noise Marie is a anime/manga character in the D.Gray-Man franchise
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A seemingly blind exorcist who has a anti-akuma weapon which gives him incredible hearing.


A blinded Marie playing music
A blinded Marie playing music

Marie's past is deeply rooted in the Black Order. When Kanda's memories were shown, Marie was seen with bandaged eyes at the Asian Branch of the Black Order. He had sustained the injury during a mission that resulted in the deaths of all his comrades. A concerned Bak Chan approached him and expressed his worry about Marie. But Marie said his eyes were unnecessary to play his music which would serve as the Requiem for his deceased friends. He stated that due to his condition, he would also likely die on the very next mission as the Black Order did not consider him useless even now. But he stated he was fine with this. When Bak asked him if he hated the Order, Marie said no, and that not being able to see anymore may be the reason for that.


Noise Marie is a supportive protagonist created by Hoshino Katsura for the series, D.Gray Man.



Noise Marie is a tall man with a sturdy build. He had dark skin and light eyes that have lost their vision due to injury. He has almost no hair on the front or side of his head but from the top of his head he has several long dreadlocks that he keeps tied back.


Noise Marie is a calm and collected individual. He is usually respectful and humble and is not easily frazzled. He was not even fazed much in his younger days when he went blind. He will not hesitate to even mutilate himself if the part is contagious such as his fingers. Interestingly enough, one thing that visibly startled Marie was when Miranda Lotto showed him affection. Marie became extremely embarrassed.


Yuu Kanda - Marie's close friend.

Froi Tiedoll - His mentor and father figure, as well as his General.

Story Arcs

General Yeegar Falls Arc

The death of General Kevin Yeegar's spread quickly through the Black Order. It was decided that all the 4 remaining Generals of the Order were to be tracked down and if at all possible, brought back to The Order Headquarters as it was believed that the Generals were the prime targets of the Noah Family. Noise Marie, his good friend Yuu Kanda and a 3rd young exorcist by the name of Daisya Barry departed together and searched for General Froi Tiedoll. Along the way, they were faced by several Akuma who were well aware of their intentions and mocked them, telling the trio that they would not reach the Geneal in time. Marie tried to ease the feeling of his comrades. Daisya tried as well but they were silenced by the anxious Kanda. However, he other 2 were not terribly offended. All 3 of them had a very strong relationship with General Tiedoll, perhaps none more so than Kanda as General Tiedoll had been the closest thing to a father that he ever had.

Order in Crisis Arc

The trio of Exorcists arrived at a town and were subsequently ambushed by a hoard of Akuma. I was evening and the three of them decided to split up and pick off the Akuma 1 by 1 in the night and depart again during daylight. The following morning, Marie and Kanda convened at the predetermined rendezvous pint but Daisya did not come. After a quick search, the saddened duo found their comrade hanging from a lamppost, dead. However, the duo had to persist onward. They did finally locate General Tiedoll. They were relieved but had to inform the General about their lost comrade, the General's lost pupil Daisya, and they gave him the small remaining fragment of Daisya's Innocence. The general began to weep, then drew a sketch of Daisya's home town and burned it. When asked to come back with them to the Order,General Tiedoll said that his mission was not yet over. He was searching for more of the rare breed of person that could be an accomadator for Innocence. He asked his two disciples if they would come with him. Despite the Orders from The Black Order, the duo readily agreed to come.

Powers & Abilities

Super Hearing

Marie's enhanced hearing
Marie's enhanced hearing

After going blind some years ago due to an accident, Marie learned to rely on his hearing which caused it to become more sharp than before. Additionally, he was given a pair of special headphones that further augmented his already acute sense of hearing. Marie's sense of hearing is elevated to the point that he can detect the number of people in a vicinity, locate hidden enemies and even tell whether or not someone is telling a lie by the rate of their heartbeat.


Noel Organon

Noel Organon
Noel Organon

Marie's innocence Noel Organon is an equipment type Innocence. In their dormant state they are 10 rings that Marie wears, one on each finger. When evoked, the rings change into strings made of Innocence energy that can be manipulated by Marie. Then can entwine or even cut right through an enemy. Additionally, Marie can play melodies and channel the sound through the string to the intended victim. These melodies can cause special effects.

Aria of Grief

After entangling the target in the strings, Marie Claps his hands and the reverberating sound is poisonous to the likes of Akuma.

General Information Edit
Name: Noise Marie
Name: ノイズ・マリ
Romanji: Noizu Mari
Gender: Male
1st manga book: D.Gray-man #4
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
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Super Hearing
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