Noein - to your other self Characters

Noein - to your other self is an anime series in the Noein franchise
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Ai Hasebe



Haruka Kaminogi

One of the Protagonists in Noein. Haruka weilds the Dragon Torque and is constantly sought after by the people of La'cryma and Noein for it's power.

Isami Fujiwara


Miho Mukai

A close friend of Haruka, Yū, Isami and Ai who believes in aliens and ghosts.


Noein is an alternate version of Yū Gotō who once endeavored to destroy the Multiverse and create a single reality that embodied his vision of how all things should be using the power of the legendary Dragon Torque.

Yuu Gotou

A friend and Classmate of Haruka.

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