Nodoka Saotome

Nodoka Saotome is a anime/manga character in the Ranma 1/2 franchise
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Nodoka is Ranma's mother.

Nodoka Saotome is Ranma's mother and Genma's wife.
Since Ranma was 6 years old, Genma plans to get him trained to be "man among men". However, the only way he can do that is take Ranma away from Nodoka, which something she doesn't like. Genma and Ranma (he just stamped his hand on the paper) made a contract to her that if Ranma did not become "man among men", they would have to commit seppuku. Nodoka reluctantly agrees with him and promises to be the kaishakunin (second in charge in the seppuku ritual).

When Ranma reached at the age of 16, his mother returns. Genma goes into fear that if Nodoka finds out about his and Ranma's curses, she would make them commit seppuku. In order to protect themselves, Ranma names himself "Ranko" when being a girl and Genma names himself as Mr. Panda when in panda form; both pretend to be Akane's cousin and her exotic pet.
While visiting in an inn, Nodoka first gets reunited with her husband. Ranma saves her from falling into a river and the two hug and cry happily as they see each other for the first time. He wanted to tell her that he is Ranko, but Genma stops him. Nodoka bows to him for raising their son to be a "man amongst men", causing them to fall to the river and Nodoka ended up discovering Ranma and Genma's curses. Ranma and Nodoka are rescued while Ranma himself is having a bad dream that he and his father will have to commit seppuku.
Akane tells Nodoka that all Ranma wanted to do is be with her. She understands and finds Ranma different while being a girl. Nodoka remembers that Ranma said that he will get the family treasure back. This leads to Nodoka that because Ranma is acting manly while being a girl, she decided not to make him commit seppuku.
Afterwards, Ranma and Genma live with her in their home, but after Ukyo, Kodachi, and Shampoo trash the place while looking for an engagement ring that apparently was hidden in the house, and they ended up staying with the Tendos.
Voiced by
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Masako Ikeda
Lisa Bunting
General Information Edit
Name: Nodoka Saotome
Name: 早乙女 のどか
Gender: Female
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Ranma ½ #160
1st anime movie:
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Attractive Female
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