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Hector Malot's 1878 novel Sans Famille inspired Tezuka veteran Serikawa to animate the story of little Remi and his search for his lost parents in the early 20th century. Accompanied by his faithful dog, Remi is forced to join a band of traveling players, but after many adventures he finally finds his mother, who thought he was dead, and is no longer a child without a family.

In 1977, a TV series, 3D Animation: Child Without a Home (Ie Naki Ko), followed from Tokyo Movie Shinsha. Directed by Osamu Dezaki with character designs by Akio Sugino and a soundtrack by Takeo Watanabe, it covered the same story at much greater length. "3D" was a grandiose claim, but the characters are well designed, and the skill of the animation is considerable, making use of moving backgrounds to give a sense of depth. Another Malot adaptation, Nobody's Girl, followed the next year. In 1980, TMS edited the TV series into another movie, Child Without a Home. But the concept still had possibilities-perhaps an influence on the success of the live-action Oshin in 1983, the concept was revived once more, this time with a female lead, as another live-action series, again called Child Without a Home (1994). The story was brought back again as Remi: A Child Without a Home (1996), a 26-episode series directed by Kozo Kusuba for Nippon Animation's World Masterpiece Theater franchise. However, the newest version introduced major changes to the story line, switching Remi's gender and transforming her into a child singer in order to showcase the talents of voice actress Mitsuko Horie, for whom the series was a glorified star vehicle. With a shorter running time and such major alterations contravening the worthy spirit of previous shows, the series received the lowest ratings ever for the WMT and was the death knell for the franchise. See also a further great boy-and-his-dog epic Belle and Sebastian and another oft-adapted tale of an orphan's quest, From the Apennines to the Andes.

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General Information Edit
Name Nobody's Boy
Romaji: Chibikko Remi to Meiken Capi; Rittai Anime Ie Naki Ko; Le Naki Ko
Publisher ?
Start Year 1970
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Aliases Little Remi and His Famous Dog Capi
3D Animation: Child without a Family
Sans Famille
Homeless Child
Remi, the Nobody`s Boy
Ie Naki Ko
Alleen op de wereld
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