Gintama #1 - Nobody with Naturally Wavy Hair Can Be That Bad

is a manga book published by Viz Media that was released on 04/02/2004

Plot Summary

Proper Japanese Title: Tennen Pāma ni Warui Yatsu wa Inai (天然パーマに悪いやつはいない)

American Release Date: July 3, 2007

Do's and Don'ts for Daddy-Daughter Day

1. Don't let alien monsters grow exponentially by siphoning energy from space terminals and then eating your daughter

2. Do show your dad you've learned to use your abnormal strength to help others--not hurt them

3. Do respect your daughter's planetary preferences, especially when they're submitted in writing

4. Don't assassinate your daughter's boyfriend

Chapter Titles

  • Lesson 001: Nobody with Natural Wavy Hair Can Be That Bad (天然パーマに悪いやつはいない"Tennen Pāma ni Warui Yatsu wa Inai")
  • Lesson 002: Responsible Owners Should Clean Up After Their Pets (ペットは飼主が責任を持って最後まで面倒を見ましょう "Petto wa Kainushi ga Sekinin o Motte Saigo made Mendō o Mimashō")
  • Lesson 003: Watch Out! Weekly Shōnen Jump Sometimes Comes Out on Saturdays! (ジャンプは時々土曜日に出るから気を付けろ "Janpu wa Tokidoki Doyōbi ni Deru kara Ki wo Tsukero")
  • Lesson 004: People Who Make Good First Impressions Usually Suck (第一印象がいい奴にロクな奴はいない "Daiichi Inshō ga Ii Yatsu ni Roku na Yatsu wa Inai")
  • Lesson 005: Make Friends You Can Call By Their Nicknames, Even When You're an Old Fart (ジジイになってもあだ名で呼び合える友達を作れ "Jijī ni Natte mo Adana de Yobiaeru Tomodachi o Tsukure")
  • Lesson 006: If You Jerks Have Enough Time to Spread Terror, You'd Better Go Walk Your Dog, Pero (お前らテロなんてやってる暇があるならペロの散歩にでも行ってきな"Omaera Tero nante Yatteru Hima ga Aru nara Pero no Sanpo ni de mo Ittekina")
  • Omake: Dandelion (だんでらいおん "Danderaion")


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