Noblewoman's Laugh

Noblewoman's Laugh is a anime/manga concept
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A Noblewoman's Laugh is one of the most annoying laughs you'll ever hear

The Noblewomans laugh is usually made by a woman of a higher class or a woman who considers herself better than the people around her. It is also used by aristocratic ladies and women who are about to defeat or humiliate an opponent with the added effect that it will most likley annoy the hell out of them.

Instructions instructions for annyone willing to attempt this act of cruelty towards mankind: Simply hold your hand/handheld fan a few inches/centimeters from your mouth wile going "OOOOOOOOOOOOOH-HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HOOOOO". Don't forget to make the laugh as high-pitched as possible. But be carefull. It might end up with an enraged shout of "SHUT UP" from your opponent, followed by a fist or a boot to your face.

It is not fully known who started this laugh from the deepest pits of Hell that would make banshees twist around in pain, but the (dis)honor is usually given to Naga from Slayers or Esmeraude from Sailor Moon. Since then, it has spread to a large number of women in anime/manga. There is the possibility of finding men who uses this laugh, though this is incredibly rare.

General Information Edit
Concept Name Noblewoman's Laugh
Japanese Name: 貴婦人の笑い
Romaji Name: Kifujin no warai
Aliases Annoying Laugh
1st manga book:
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
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